Sunday 29 August 2010

Caldera - Time and Change (1978)

01.The Arousing (2:50) [E.D.Barrio]
02.Reviviscence (7:00) [E.D.Barrio]
03.Mosaico (7:00) [J.Strunz,E.D.Barrio]
04.Magewind (1:34) [G.D.Barrio]
05.Crosscoutry (5:24) [G.D.Barrio]
06.Passages (7:30) [E.D.Barrio]
07.Dreamborne (1:40) [J.Strunz]
08.Shanti (4:00) [Larry Dunn]
09.Horizon's End (8:18) [J.Strunz].

Jorge Strunz - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Eduardo del Barrio - acoustic piano, electric piano,
synthesizers (Moog, Poly Moog, Oberheim Polyphonic, Yamaha Polyphonic), organ, percussion
Steve Tavaglione - flute, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Mike Azeredo - congas, percussion
Greg Lee - electric bass, Moog bass pedals
Hector Andrade - timbales, congas, percussion.

Guest Musicians:

Alex Acuña - drums(on all tunes except 8)
Roberto da Silva - drums(on 8)
Luis Conte - bata, conga and timbales(on 9)
Akim Robert Davis - bata(on 9)
Larry Dunn - keyboards(on 8)
George del Barrio - electric piano(on 5) acoustic piano(on 4)
Charles Faris - digital aquasonic modulator(on 8)
background vocals(on 8) - Dianne Reeves, Michelle Wiley, Ella Faulk.
Recorded at Capitol Records and Indigo Ranch by Chris Brunt.
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Caldera - Sky Island (1977)

01.Sky Island(6:07) [Larry Dunn]
02.Ancient Source(4:30) [E.del Barrio,E.J.Herrera]
03.It Used To Be(4:56) [Eduardo del Barrio]
04.Pegasus(4:56) [Eduardo del Barrio, JorgeStrunz]
05.Carnavalito(4:51) [Eduardo del Barrio]
06.Seraphim(4:46) [Larry Dunn]
07.Indigo Fire(1:06) [Jorge Strunz]
08.Triste(6:50) [George del Barrio]
09.Pescador(Fisherman) (1:04) [Mike Azevedo].

Steve Tavaglione - flute, alto falute, soprano saxophone,alto saxophone, tenor saxophone.
Jorge Strunz - acoustic guitar, electric guitar.
Mike "Baiano" Azeredo - congas, percussion.
Carlos Vega - drums.
Dean Cortez - electric bass.
Hector Andrade - timbales, congas, percussion.
Eduardo del Barrio - acoustic piano, electric piano, synthesizers,
Moog, Roland, Oberheim Polyphonic.

Guest Musicians:

Larry Dunn - synthesizer, solo on 2
Dianne Reeves - vocals, on 1,2
Chester Thompson - drums, on 4
Ralph Humphrey - drums, on 1
Ralph Rickert - flugelhorn, on 8
Ray Armando - percussion
Steve Barrio, Jr. - percussion
strings - Paul Shure, Bonnie Douglas, Harry Bluestone,Marshall Sosson, Nathan Ross, Antol Kaminsky,Jack Pepper, Irma Neumann (violin)Janet Lakatos, Louis Kievman (viola)Fredrick Seykora, Selene Hurford (cello).
Recorded at Indigo Ranch Recording Studio, Village Recorders, Capitol Records.
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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Caldera - Caldera (1976)

1.Guanacaste (6:31) [Jorge Strunz, Eduardo del Barrio]
2.Coastin' (4:42) [Eduardo del Barrio, Dean Cortez]
3.Exaltation (6:52) [Eduardo del Barrio]
4.Synesthesia (7:45) [Jorge Strunz]
5.Out Of The Blue (4:46) [Jorge Strunz, Eduardo del Barrio]
6.El Juguete (8:31) [Jorge Strunz, H.Hamburg].

Jorge Strunz.
(born Costa Rica, U.S. citizen):acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion
Eduardo del Barrio.
(born Argentina):acoustic piano, electric piano, synthesizers,percussion, clavinet, vocals
Steve Tavaglione.
(born California):soprano saxophone, flute, bass, alto flute
Mike Azeredo "Baiano".
(born Brazil):congas, percussion
Carlos Vega.
(born Cuba):drums, percussion
Dean Cortez.
(born Florida):electric bass.

Additional Musicians:

Raul De Souza.
(born brazil):bass trombone, trombone
Roberto da Silva.
(born brazil):percussion
Carolyn Dennis.
(born U.S.):vocals.
Recorded and mixed at Hollywood Sound, July 1976.
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Bobo Stenson - Goodbye (2004)

Send In The Clowns
There Comes A Time
Song About Earth
Music For A While
Allegretto Rubato
Jack Of Clubs
Queer Street
Triple Play
Race Face.

Recorded April 2004 ECM

Bobo Stenson - piano
Anders Jormin - double-bass
Paul Motian - drums.
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Saturday 21 August 2010

Wayne Shorter - Footprints Live! (2002)

01."Sanctuary" - 5:31 - orginally recorded for the Miles Davis album Bitches Brew (1970)
02."Masquelero" - 8:28 - originally recorded for the Miles Davis album Sorcerer (1967)
03."Valse Triste" (Sibelius) - 7:59 - originally recorded for The Soothsayer (1965)
04."Go" - 5:01 - originally recorded for Schizophrenia (1967)
05."Aung San Suu Kyi" - 9:28 - orignally recorded for 1 + 1 with Herbie Hancock (1997)
06."Footprints" - 7:55 - originally recorded for Adam's Apple (1966)
07."Atlantis" - 8:28 - originally recorded for Atlantis (1985)
08."Juju" - 10:39 - originally recorded for JuJu (1964).

Wayne Shorter - saxophones
Danilo Perez: piano
John Patitucci: bass
Brian Blade: drums.
Recorded live at Festival De Jazz, Vitoria-Gastiez, Spain; Jardins Palais Longchamps, Marseilles, France; and the Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy in July 2001.

Recorded during a Western European barnstorming tour during the summer of 2001 (jazz festival season), Wayne Shorter and his star-studded quartet draw from his deep well of distinctive original material. When listening to the high level of kinetic and at times, fiery interplay on this disc, one is reminded of Miles Davis' famous quote to his band of the 1960's, "I pay you guys to rehearse on stage." In fact, as strong as Shorter's best tunes are, the gems of this disc are the improvised sections. These guys can go from a whisper to a roar and back again at the drop of a hat, sounding almost giddy with their facility. One of the amazing things about Wayne Shorter, like fellow tenor man Sonny Rollins, is how he found a different way to go in the '60s rather than becoming a Coltrane epigone as countless others did. On FOOTPRINTS LIVE!, we can hear the prodigious and fragrant fruits of his decidedly alternative and widely influential career.
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Toshiko Akiyoshi - Live at Blue Note Tokyo (1997)

01.Long Yellow Road
02.Count Your Blessing Stead Sheep
03.Un Poco Loco
04.Sophisticated Lady
05.I Know Who Loves You
06.When You Wish Upon A Star
07.Chic Lady.

Toshiko Akiyoshi – piano
Yoshio Suzuki – bass
Motohiko Hino – drums.
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Thursday 19 August 2010

Yusef Lateef - The Last Savoy Sessions (1957-1959)

Last Savoy Sessions DISC 1:

01.Oboe Blues
02.Angel Blues
03.Dreamer, The
05.Can't Help Lovin' That Man
06.Moon Tree
07.Stella by Starlight
08.Valse Bouk
09.Half Breed
10.Poor Butterfly.

Last Savoy Sessions DISC 2:

01.8540 12th Street
02.Check Blues
03.Prayer to the East
04.Night in Tunisia, A
05.Lover Man
07.Love Dance
08.Gypsy Arab
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on October 9 & 10, 1957 and June 11, 1959. Includes liner notes by Orrin Keepnews and Herb Boyd.

Personnel: Yusef Lateef (tenor saxophone, flute, oboe, percussion); Wilbur Harden (flugelhorn, balloon, percussion); Bernard McKinney (euphonium); Hugh Lawson (piano, percussion); Terry Pollard (piano); Ernie Farrow (bass, rabat, percussion); Bill Austin (bass, rabat); Oliver Jackson, Frank Gant (drums, percussion).

These pivotal sessions for Lateef and his Detroit-based groups comprise some of his most important music recorded for the Savoy label. This double CD set consists of complete albums The Dreamer and The Fabric of Jazz. (1959) and Jazz & The Sounds of Nature and Prayer to the East (1957) as well as a bonus cut. CD one is from the 1959 date, and contains some true Lateef classics like the slow swing of "Oboe Blues" and the bright, uppity waltz of "Valse Bouk." The 1957 dates on Disc Two show Lateef and Harden more focused and together or contrary and conversational. "8540 12th St." showcases the two horns mostly listening and spontaneously responding with some unison added on this classic hard bopper, Harden's poignant one note preludes on his solo are unique as an organist might play it. The Prayer to the East session includes the easy blues swing of the title cut, with Lateef's flute invoking Arabic inflections. Others from The Sounds of Nature are the Afro-Cuban to swing-beated "Check Blues" with unusual harmonics from overblown flute or stabbing flugelhorn notes, and the 6/8 one-note bass (or rabat) foundation for "Gypsy Arab," a flute/percussion processional with gong coda. This is a welcome reissue, as it puts the final stripe on Lateef's prolific music for Savoy prior to his more commercialized outings for Atlantic proper. It's some of his more profound, definitve work and is easily worthy of a hearty and universal high recommendation, especially a must buy for those new to Lateef's musings. ~ Michael G. Nastos
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Eddie Palmieri - Los 50 Años Del Maestro (2006)

Puerto Rico
Oyelo que te conviene
No critiques
La malanga
Vamonos pal monte
Con un amor se borra otro amor
Si hecho pa´lante
Lindo yambu

Eddie Palmieri (piano); Ismael 'Pat' Quinntana, Ubaldo 'Lalo' Rodriguez (vocals); Harry Viggiano (electric guitar); Alfredo de la Fé (violin); Lou Marini, Bobby Porcelli (alto saxophone); Victor 'Vitin' Paz, Larry Spencer, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros (trumpet); Barry Rodgers, Jose Rodriguez (trombone); Charlie Palmieri (electric piano); Eddie Rivera (acoustic bass); Tommy Lopez, Sr. (congas); Eladio Perez (conga drum); Tommy 'Chuckie' Lopez, Jr. (bongos); Nicky Marrero (timbales).
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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Buddy Rich - Latin Silk (1977)

01.Moments Notice
02.Giant Steps
03.Buddy’s Cherokee
04.Take The “A” Train
05.I’ll Never Be The Same
06.Buddy’s Rock
07.My Funny Valentine
08.Latin Silk.
Recorden in New York City, October 19, 1977.

Buddy Rich: Drums
Barry Kiener: Piano
Tom Warrington: Bass
Candido Camero: Conga Drums
Lionel Hampton: Vibes
Steve Marcus, Gary Pribek& Paul Moen: Tenor Sax.
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Baden Powell - Personalidade (1993)

02.Rosas, Das
04.Chao de Estrelas
07.Garota de Ipanema
09.Samba Triste
11.E de Lei
12.Tempo Feliz
13.Lenda do Abaete, A

Even if Baden Powell had never recorded a single note, he'd be renowned as the composer (along with esteemed collaborator Vinicius De Moreas) of numerous bossa nova classics. Fortunately for fans of Brazilian music, Powell did indeed make a simultaneous career of committing his guitar instrumentals to tape. This compilation captures Powell's music in all its glory and deceptive simplicity.
Whether Powell is playing solo (the live "Euridice"), in a duet with flute ("Carinhoso"), or accompanied by a jazzy rhythm section ("Apelo"), it's his cascading guitar runs that dominate, with a symbiosis of melody, harmony, and rhythm that almost seems like the softer side of Ornette Coleman's "harmolodic" theories. More influenced by classical and flamenco traditions than his peer Joao Gilberto, Powell successfully combines bossa nova's lilting rhythm with a sweeping, South American romanticism throughout this definitive anthology.
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Sunday 15 August 2010

Ahmad Jamal - Macanudo (1963)

01.Montevideo (2:57)
02.Bogota (4:00)
03.Sugar Load At Twilight (3:14)
04.Haitian Market Place (2:57)
05.Buenos Aires (3:59)
06.Bossa Nova Do Marilla (2:56)
07.Carnival in Panama (3:29)
08.Belo Horizonte (2:32).

Arranged By - Richard Evans (2)
Conductor - Richard Evans (2)
Engineer - Rudy Van Gelder
Written-By - Richard Evans (2)
Recorded: 20-21/12/1962 at Rudy Van Gelder's Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.
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Roland Kirk - Slightly Latin (1966)

01.Walk On By 2:25 Written-By - B. Bacharach - H.David*
02.Raouf 3:02 Written-By - R. Kirk*
03.It's All In The Game 5:17 Written-By - C. Sigman* , C. Dawes*
04.Juarez 5:33 Written-By - R. Kirk*
05.Shaky Money 1:48 Written-By - R. Kirk*
06.Nothing But The Truth 3:02 Written-By - R. Kirk*
07.Safari 4:25 Written-By - E. Mathias*
08.And I Love Her 3:02 Written-By - J. Lennon - P. McCartney*
09.Ebrauqs 8:20 Written-By - R. Kirk*

Arranged By [Vocals] - Coleridge Perkinson*
Bass - Edward Mathias
Congas - Montego Joe
Drums - Gerald Brown*
Flugelhorn - Martin Banks
Other [Liner Notes By] - Leonard Feather
Percussion - Manuel Ramos
Piano, Keyboards [Celeste] - Horace Parlan
Saxophone [Baritone, Tenor, Manzello, Strich] - Roland Kirk
Trombone, Harp [Nagoya Harp], Arranged By - Garnett Brown
Trumpet - Virgil Jones.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was a uniquely talented musician. Blind from an early age, he had a dream about playing three horns at once, so he learned how to do it and thus became a one-man horn section! Besides virtuouso skills on all manner of reed instruments, Rahsaan was also one of the great jazz flautists of all time (in fact Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson basically ripped off Kirk's manic overblowing style.) One of his most interesting records is this gem from 1965, which is probably overlooked because it strays so far from the norms of jazz LP's of that era. Rol plays Lennon-McCartney and Bacharach-David tunes, in a pseudo-latin, sorta-exotica style that makes for a unique pop / soul sort of album, but with avant garde modern jazz overtones! (And yes, this week's CAOTW is pretty much an afterthought -- most of the great albums being played on this week's Beatles-themed special have already been Albums of the Week!)
There are a number of great clips of RRK live at Montreaux in 1972, such as "Volunteered Slavery". Here's another one where he shows of his multi-instrumental chops (playing about six things at once!): "Three For The Festival" live in 1966. Finally, "Pedal Up" features only two horns at a time and comes from 1975 (he's being introduced at the Downbeat Awards by Quincy Jones.)
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Saturday 14 August 2010

Yusef Lateef - The Three Faces of Yusef Lateef (1960)

 01.Goin' Home
02.I'm Just a Lucky So and So
04.From Within
05.Salt Water Blues
06.Lateef Minor 7th
08.Ma (He's Making Eyes at Me).

Yusef Lateef (tenor sax, oboe & flute)
Ron Carter (cello)
Hugh Lawson (piano & celeste)
Herman Wright (bass)
Lex Humphries (drums).
On The Three Faces of Yusef Lateef, Riverside seems eager to present Yusef Lateef, technical virtuoso, on a series of songs that step closer to jazz tradition than any of his work in the recent past. Largely absent are Lateef's experiments with Eastern modes, rhythms, and instrumentation, and in their place is a collection of largely upbeat, accessible songs, with a balanced mix of standards and originals. Much of the introspective, personal quality of his previous albums seems lost in the effort, but Lateef's playing still remains stellar, especially on oboe. That instrument, which is by nature soft and muted, is given enough power by Lateef to lead on several songs, most beautifully on "Salt Water Blues," where its naturally melancholy sound seems perfectly matched with the low, rounded tones of Lateef's rhythm section, especially Ron Carter's bowed cello. The quintet also shines on the following track, Joe Zawinul's "Lateef Minor 7th," where they provide a gentle counterpoint to Lateef's sweet flute line. Not quite as expansive or daring as much of Lateef's other recordings, The Three Faces of Yusef Lateef still documents a fine musician at work during the peak of his career.
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Pete La Roca – Basra (1965)

03.Tears Come From Heaven
05.Lazy Afternoon

Reissue of the jazz drummer's 1965 debut solo album backed by Joe Henderson, Steve Kuhn, & Steve Swallow.
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Vic Juris - Horizon Drive (1980)

01.Horizon Drive
02.Midnight Blues
04.People Of The Lake
05.Mambo Elaine
06.Claire Marie

Guitarist Vic Juris released this LP in 1980 on Muse Records, players are Lincoln Goines, Terry Silverlight, Ray Mantilla, Barry Miles, Rick Laird, Gil Goldstein and Pat Cerasiello. The session was produced by David Matthews and recorded in New York during a single day.
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Chico Mendoza And The Latin Jazz Dream Band (1985)

One For Tito 4:52
Macho's Latin Satin 6:21
All This Love 5:18
Swinging Guaguancó 6:19
I'm So Excited 5:40
Sal Sangre 8:10
Guaguancó Tropicana 6:36.

Tony Barrero Trompeta
E.J. Allen Trompeta
Rob Henke Trompeta
Barry Danielian Trompeta
Bob Knapp Sax
Bill Davis Sax
Leo Johnson Sax
Mike Kaplan Sax
Tom Brown Sax
Len Pollara Trombon
Steve Turre Trombon
Norman Hogue Trombon
Reinaldo Jorge Trombon
Jorge Gonzalez Bongoes
Butch Johnson Timbales
Manteca Ronnie Hill Congas
Tom De Faria Traps
John Blodgett Piano
Bill Ware Bass
Chico Mendoza Leader, Musical Director, and Arranger.
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