Friday 27 November 2009

Ignacio Berroa - Codes (2006)

02.Joao su Merced
03.La Comparsa
04.Partido Alto
05.Realidad y Fantasia
07.Woody 'N' You
08.Inutil Paissage (Useless Landscapes).

Ignacio Berroa (drums)
David Sanchez (tenor saxophone)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano, synthesizer)
Edward Simon (piano)
John Patitucci (upright bass)
Giovanni Hidalgo (congas).

Thursday 26 November 2009

Oddjob - Koyo (2004)

Their Song
Man Machine
I Am Sailing
Return of the Party Animal

Daniel Karlsson - piano
Per "Rusktrask" Johansson - saxes
Goran Kajfe - trumpet
Janne Robertson - drums
Peter Forss - bass.

Irakere - Pare Cochero (2001)

01.Pare Cochero
02.Bacalao con Pan
04.Dile a Catalina
05.El Viandero
06.La Peleona
07.En Nosotros
08.Juana 1600
09.12 y 23
10.Moja el Pan
12.Como Fue.

This collection by Orfeon Records could easily make a case that Irakere has been the most shape-shifting, adaptable group in the modern history of Cuban music. Having changed their billing from the original Irakere to including bandleader Chucho Valdés' name, to the current title of los Irakeres, it's as hard to pin a handle for this group as to categorize them. From the very straight-ahead title cut and "Dile a Catalina" to the processed, fusion-flavored "Bacalao con Pan" and "Juana 1600," the only two things that are truly consistent are the indelible flavor of their national heritage and the top-shelf quality of the musicianship. From their all-star cast of characters including Paquito d'Rivera, Chucho Valdés, and Arturo Sandoval to the surprisingly sophisticated folklore-driven vocalization, to the trend- and standard-setting arrangements, Irakere was and continues to be an incredible convergence of precious elements. There have been many collections that have attempted to capture the essential nature of this history-making supergroup, and many have fallen sadly short of the task. Pare Cochero, thanks to its tasteful and careful selection, can stand beside Columbia/Legacy's The Best of Irakere as a compilation without weak links, one that is a necessary component of any Latin jazzer's collection. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Batacumbele - Concert - Live At The University Of Puerto Rico (1988)

May Day
Giovanni's Solo
La Tia
Calabo Y Bameu
St. Thomas
Hot Blood
Batacumbele Te Saluda.

Angel "Cachete" Maldonado Leader, timbales, percussion
Giovanni "Maneñguito" Hidalgo Conga, bata drums
Anthony Carrillo Bongo, cowbell, bata drums
Jimmy Rivera Trap drums
Jose Ramirez Bata drums
David "Cuba" Rosado Percussion
Amuni Nacer Electric keyboard
Arturo Ortiz Electric keyboard
Eric Figueroa Acoustic piano
Eddie "Guagua" Rivera Bass
Tommy Villarni Trumpet
Héctor Veneros Sax, flute
William Cepeda Trombone
Jerry Medina Vocals
José Luis "Chegui" Ramos Vocals.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Carlos Averhoff - Jazz'Ta Bueno (2005)

01.Swinging Gia
03.Para Luego Es Tarde (Later Is Too Late)
04.Cuando Canta el Corazón (When the Heart Sings)
05.Niko's Dream
06.Samba de Ouro
08.Prelude + Sequence for You
09.Tú Mi Delirio
10.Not for Everybody.

Carlos Averhoff (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Nestor Torres (flute)
Paquito D'Rivera (alto saxophone)
Mike Orta (piano, keyboards)
Nicky Orta (bass instrument)
Hector "Pocho" Neciosup (drums, congas, percussion); Juan "Wickly" Nogueras (congas).

Batacumbele - En Aquellos Tiempos (1991)

02.En Aquellos Tiempos
03.Que Como Fue
04.Dame Un Traguito
05.El Ma' Chevere
06.Sin Egoismo
07.El Rocholo

Eric Figueroa Piano acustico y electrico, teclados (Solo de piano en "El Ma' Chevere)
Eddie Rivera Bajo
Jose Martinez Bateria
Giovanni Hidalgo Tumbadoro, chequere, batas, (Solo de quinto en "El rocholo
Antonio Carrilo Bongo, percussion menor
Angel (Cachete) Maldonaldo Batas, tumbadoras, timbales, bongo, percussion menor
Juancito Torres Trompeta (Solo de trompeta en "Dame Un Traguito" y "El Rockolo")
Hector Veneros Tenor y soprano sax, flauta (Solos de tenor y soprano sax en "Sin Egoismo", "El Rockolo", "Batarengue")
Papo Vazquez Trombon, coro, (Solos de trombon en "Sin Egoismo", "Dame Un Traguito", "Bailala", "Que Como Fue" & "El Rockolo")
Jerry Medina Trompeta, cantante, coro
Jose Ramos Cantante, coro, maracas.

Randy Brecker - Randy In Brasil (2008)

Pedro Brasil
Ile Aye
Me Leve
Olhos Puxados
Fazendo Hora

Personnel: Randy Brecker: trumpets; Paulo Calazans: acoustic piano (1, 5, 8), keyboards (8); Ruria Duprat: keyboards (1-3, 5-8, 10-12), acoustic piano (4, 9), Fender Rhodes (12), clavinet (12), voice (2); Ricardo Silveira: acoustic guitar (1, 3, 5-11), electric guitar (1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12); Sizao Machado: acoustic bass (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10), electric bass (2, 8, 12); Teco Cardoso: soprano saxophone (1, 4, 9, 12); alto saxophone (2, 4, 12), tenor saxophone (2, 6, 12), baritone saxophone (2, 6), saxophone (3), G-flute (5), flute (8); Da Lua: percussion (1-3, 11, 12), timba (1); Andre Mehmari: acoustic piano (3, 6, 7); Robertinho Silva: drums (4, 6, 8); Joao Parahyba: percussion (4, 6, 8-10), timba (6, 8-10); Paolo Calazans: acoustic piano (5, 8), keyboards (8); Caito Marcondes: percussion (5, 7); Gilson Peranzetta: acoustic piano (11); Rogerio: acoustic bass (11); Edu Ribeiro: drums (12); Rubinho Ribeiro: voice (6).

Miguel Zenón - Looking Forward (2001)

01.Prayer #1 (Blessing)
02.Looking Forward
04.Pequeña Serenata Diurna
05.Campanitas de Cristal
07.El Bloque
09.Alma Con Alma
10.El Cruze
11.Prayer #2 (Thanksgiving).

Miguel Zenon — alto sax, percussion (10), background vocals (6), flute (11);
Antonio Sanchez — drums, background vocals (6);
Luis Perdomo — piano, background vocals (6);
Hans Glawischnig — bass, background vocals (6);
Pernell Saturnino — bomba drum & background vocals (6), cajon (8), congas and percussion (10), bomba drum (11);
David Sanchez — tenor sax (2 & 7);
William Cepeda — bomba drum (2, 6, 7, 11), lead & background vocals (6);
Diego Urcola — trumpet (10);
Ben Monder — electric guitar (6).

Monday 23 November 2009

Batacumbele - Con Un Poco De Songo (1989)

01.Se Le Ve
02.La Jibarita
03.A La I Ole
05.La Piye
06.Danzon Don Vazquez

Eddie "Gua Gua" Rivera - Bajo
Eric Figueroa - Piano, fender rhodes, organo hammond
Cachete Maldonado - Timbales, conga, batas y percussion menor
Giovanni Hidalgo - Timbales, conga, batas
Ignacio Berroa - Bateria
Lester Ojeda - Güiro jibaro
Pablo Rosario - Güiro cubano y percussion
Nestor Torres II - Flauta
Jerry Medina - Trompeta
Maria Rivera - Baritono
Papo Vazquez - Solo trombon en "La Plyé"
Nieves Quintero - Cuatro, puertorriqueño
Roberto Jimenez - Clarinete.

Paquito D'Rivera - La Habana - Rio Conexion (1992)

01.La Comparsa
02.Cancao de Noite
03.Danzas Cubanas: A Los Tres Golpes / Invitacion
04.Noche Cubana
05.Contigo en la Distancia
06.Cancion Simple
07.Como un Milagro
08.Impressions From Tien-an-Men Square
09.No Puedo Ser Feliz
10.Como Fue
11.Ciego Reto
12.Segura Ele

Jose Madera - Percussion
Chico O'Farrill - Arranger
Claudio Roditi - Trumpet, Soloist
Elliott Rosoff - Violin
Marti Sweet - Violin
Mark Walker - Drums
Johannes Wohlleben - Engineer, Mixing
Gotz A. Worner - Producer, Mixing
Pablo Zinger - Piano, Arranger
William Ellison - Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Johnny Rodriguez - Percussion
Ik-Hwan Bae - Violin
Bruce Buchanan - Assistant Engineer
Sergio Cruz - Music Preparation
Joel Deroyin - Violin
La Habana - Violin
Joe Rogers - Engineer
Giovanni Hidalgo - Percussion
Danilo Perez - Piano
Al Brown - Violin, Viola
Sanford Allen - Violin
Bob Chausow - Violin
Zach Danziger - Drums
Joel Derouin - Violin
Brenda Feliciano - Associate Producer
David Finck - Bass, Double Bass, Contrabass
Barry Finclair - Violin
Daniel Freiberg - Piano
Juliet Haffner - Violin, Viola
Regis Iandiorio - Violin
Warren Lash - Cello
Romero Lubambo - Guitar
Richard Locker - Cello
Paquito d'Rivera - Clarinet, Flute, Arranger, Conductor, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Main Performer, Mixing
Fareed Haque - Guitar
Carlos Franzetti - Piano, Arranger, Keyboards.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (1958-60) [2CD] (50th Anniversary Collector's Edition, 2008)

Miles Davis (trumpet)
Cannonball Adderley (alto saxophone)
John Coltrane (tenor saxophone)
Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans (piano)
Paul Chambers (upright bass)
Jimmy Cobb (drums).

01. So What
02. Freddie Freeloader
03. Blue in Green
04. All Blues
05. Flamenco Sketches (C)
06. Flamenco Sketches (alternate take)
07. Freddie Freeloader – studio sequence 1
08. Freddie Freeloader – false start
09. Freddie Freeloader – studio sequence
10. So What – studio sequence
11. So What – studio sequence
12. Blue in Green – studio sequence
13. Flamenco Sketches – studio sequence
14. Flamenco Sketches – studio sequence 2 (C) 15. All Blues – studio sequence

1. On Green Dolphin Street
2. Fran-Dance
3. Stella by Starlight
4. Love for Sale
5. Fran-Dance (alternate take)
6. So What (previously released in unauthorized form) .

Andrew Hill - Smoke Stack (1963-2006)

01.Smoke Stack
02.Day After, The
03.Walling Wall
04.Ode to Von
05.Not So
07.30 Pier Avenue
08.Smoke Stack - (alternate take)
09.Day After, The - (alternate take)
10.Ode to Von - (alternate take)
11.Not So - (alternate take).

Andrew Hill (piano)
Richard Davis, Eddie Khan (bass)
Roy Haynes (drums).
Recording information: Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (1963).

Bruce Forman - Forman On The Job (1995)

01.How Long Has This Been Going On
02.Un Poco Loco
03.Autumn Nocturn
04.Real Life
06.Last Minute Calypso
08.Night in Tunisia, A
09.Angels Just Are
10.People Will Say We're in Love
11.I Concentrate on You.

Joe Henderson - saxophone
Andy Narell - steel drums
John Santos - percussion
Mark Levine - piano
Vince Lateano - drums
John Clayton Jr. - bass
Bruce Forman - guitar.

Aldo Romano - To Be Ornette to Be (1989)

01.The Blessing
04.Tears Inside
05.Contos de Sonu Intro'e Sonnu
06.Mind and Time
07.Check Up
08.Half Way
09.Feet Music
10.The Blessing [Variations]
12.Theme from a Symphony Skies of America
Furio Di Castri - Bass, Trumpet
Paolo Fresu - Piano, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Composer
Aldo Romano - Piano, Drums, Main Performer
Franco D'Andrea - Bass, Piano, Composer.

Alphonse Mouzon - Mind Transplant (1975)

01.Mind Transplant
03.Carbon Dioxide
04.Ascorbic Acid
05.Happiness Is Loving You
06.Some of the Things People Do
07.Golden Rainbows

Bass - Henry Davis
Co-producer, Arranged By, Conductor, Drums, Vocals, Synthesizer [Arp 2600], Organ [Farfisa] - Alphonse Mouzon
Composed By - Elvena Mouzon
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Alphonse Mouzon (tracks: B2)
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Organ [Hammond B-3] - Jerry Peters
Guitar - Lee Ritenour , Tommy Bolin
Guitar, Programmed By [Arp 2600 Synthesizer] - Jay Graydon.
Recorded and Remixed december 1974 at Wally Heider Recording Studio Hollywood California.

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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Paul Motian,Bill Frisell,Joe Lovano - Time and time again (2007)

05.In Remembrance Of Things Past
07.This Nearly Was Mine
08.Party Line
09.Light Blue
10.Time And Time Again.

Paul Motian - Drums
Bill Frisell - Guitar
Joe Lovano - Saxophones.

Hugo Fattoruso - Homework (1998)

02.Milonga Blues
04.Melodia en Candombe
06.Agua y Aceite
07.Aero Rings
08.Todo Voce
09.Islands' Queen
10.Mi Cancion
11.Can't Reach
12.Septiembre Asi
13.El Gramillero
14.Figuras y Reflejos.


Hugo Fattoruso vocals, keyboards, guitar
Gabriela Fattoruso vocals
Mariana Garcia Vigil vocals
Alex Fattoruso acoustic guitar
Christian Fattoruso electric guitar
Francisco Fattoruso electric bass

Arturo Prendez, Hector Prendez, Ramon Echegaray, Jane Tomkiewicz, Colon Budes, Daniel Kravetz, Fernando "Lobo" Núñez, Washington Martirena, Jorge "Foque" Gomez, Pablo "Piraña" Silva, Fernando Banega, Damian Peluffo, Hugo Fattoruso

Monday 16 November 2009

Paquito D'Rivera - Taste of Paquito (1981-1987)

01.On Green Dolphin Street
02.Song to My Son
04.Como Fué
07.Just Kidding
08.Brussels in the Rain
11.Song for Maura
12.Why Not.

José Neto - Guitar (Acoustic), Percussion
Portinho - Percussion, Drums
Claudio Roditi - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone (Valve)
Dave Weckl - Drums
Cucho Martínez - Maracas, Cuatro
Manolo Badrena - Percussion, Timbales
Steve Bailey - Bass, Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)
Ignacio Berroa - Drums
Russell Blake - Guitar (Bass)
Sergio Brandao - Bass (Electric)
Sammy Figueroa - Percussion, Conga
Daniel Freiberg - DX-7
Jeff Fuller - Bass, Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)
Lincoln Goines - Bass (Electric)
Daniel Ponce - Percussion, Conga
Michel Camilo - Piano, DX-7
Paquito d'Rivera - Clarinet, Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
Jorge Dalto - Keyboards
Eddie Gomez - Bass (Acoustic)
Hilton Ruiz - Bass, Piano, Piano (Electric)
Carlos Franzetti - Keyboards.

Joe Farrell Quartet - Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

01.Follow Your Heart
02.Collage For Polly
03.Circle In The Square
04.Molten Glass
05.Alter Ego
06.Song Of The Wind

Bass - Dave Holland
Drums - Jack DeJohnette
Engineer - Rudy Van Gelder
Flute - Joe Farrell
Guitar - John McLaughlin
Oboe - Joe Farrell
Piano - Chick Corea
Producer - Creed Taylor
Saxophone [Soprano] - Joe Farrell
Saxophone [Tenor] - Joe Farrell.

Azteca - Pyramid of the Moon (1973)

01.Someday We'll Get By
03.Find Love Today
04.What'cha Gonna Do?
05.New Day Is on the Rise
06.Mexicana, Mexicana
07.Red Onions
08.Love Is a Stranger
09.Night in Nazca.

Flip Nunez - Organ
Pat O'Hara - Trombone
Victor Pantoja - Conductor
Rico Reyes - Vocals
Tom Rutley - Bass
George Muribus - Keyboards
Coke Escovedo - Percussion
John Brinck - Drums
Bill Courtial - Guitar
George DiQuatro - Keyboards
Bob Ferreira - Wind
Wendy Haas - Vocals
Tom Harrell - Horn
Paul Jackson - Bass
Tony Juncale - Bass
Errol Knowles - Vocals
Neal Schon - Guitar
Pete Escovedo - Percussion, Vocals
Mel Martin - Wind
Mike Nock - Keyboards
Lenny White - Drums.

Ray Mantilla - Synergy Space Station (1986)

01.Caminos De Macchu Picchu
03.Star Eyes

Steve Berrios - Percussion, Drums
Guillermo Edghill - Bass
Steve Grossman - Sax (Tenor)
Ray Mantilla - Percussion, Composer
Eddie Martinez - Piano
Viven Ara Martinez - Vocals
Dick Oatts - Flute, Saxophone.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Chucho Valdés - Canto a Dios (2006)

Claudia (Chucho Valdés)
Nanu (Chucho Valdés)
Canto a Dios (Chucho Valdés)
Tributo a África (Shaka Zulu) (Chucho Valdés).

Chucho Valdés (p), & Yaroldi Abreu (perc.), Enrique Pla (dr), Carlos Emilio (g), Lazaro Rivero (cb), Javier Zalba (as), César López (ss), Fernando Acosta (ts), Yasek Manzano (tp),
Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Cuba; Coro Nacional de Cuba.

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games (1983)

01.Three Sheets To The Wind
02.Road Games
03.Water On The Brain-Pt. 2
04.Tokyo Dream
05.Was There?
06.Material Real.

Jeff Berlin: Bass
Jack Bruce: Vocals
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Paul Korda: Backing Vocals
Joe Turano: Backing Vocals
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Paul Williams: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.

Miles Davis Quintet With John Coltrane - Live In Zurich (2005)

01.If I Were A Bell
03.So What
04.All Blues
07.Bye Bye Blackbird
09.Two Bass Hit.