Thursday 25 August 2011

Ray Mantilla Space Station - Hands Of Fire (1984)

01.Ode to Vivian
02.Gourdo Lobo
03.Six for Kim
05.En Nos Otros
06.Mantilla's Blues
07.Carajillo con Mantilla.

Ray Mantilla (percussion)
Dick Oatts (flute, saxophone)
Eddie Martinez (piano)
Joe Chambers (vibraphone, drums)
Steve Berrios (drums, percussion).
Recording information: New York, NY (01/09/1984).

Roy Hargrove - Family (1995)

02.Roy Allan
03.Brian's Bounce
04.The Nearness Of You
05.Lament For Love
06.Another Level
07.A Dream Of You
08.Pas De Trois
09.Polka Dots and Moonbeams
10.The Challenge
13.Thirteenth Floor
14.Firm Roots
15.The Trial.

Ron Blake Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone | (1-4, 6, 12, 14, 15)
Stephen Scott Piano | (4, 6-7, 10, 12-15)
Rodney Whitaker Bass | (1-4, 6, 10, 12-15)
Gregory Hutchinson Drums | (1-3, 6-7, 12, 15)
Wynton Marsalis Trumpet | (12)
David "Fathead" Newman Tenor Saxophone, Flute | (4, 13)
John Hicks Piano | (8)
Ronnie Matthews Piano | (5)
Larry Willis Piano | (9)
Walter Booker Bass | (5, 8-9, 11)
Christian McBride Bass | (7)
Jimmy Cobb Drums | (4-5, 8-9, 13)
Lewis Nash Drums | (14)
Jesse Davis Alto Saxophone | (9, 15)
Karriem Riggins Drums | (10).

Steve Masakowski - For Joe (2000)

01.Falling In Love With Love
02.For Django
04.Pass Presence
05.The Big Easy
06.In Your Own Sweet Way
08.I'll Pass
10.Tino's Blues
11.Voluntary Simplicity
12.I'll Know.

Steve Masakowski, 7-string electric and acoustic guitars
Bill Huntington, acoustic bass
Johnny Vidacovich, drums.

Nguyen Le - Miracles (1990)

01.Miracles (8'04)
02.Question Mark (7'24)
03.Willow (3'42)
04.The Odd Game (3'01)
05.Saari (6'47)
06.20 Fingers (5'37)
07.Cerf Volant (1'40)
08.Miss One (7'28)
09.Pacha (6'25)
10.Haiku (2'31)
11.Eyeland (4'13).

Nguyên Lê:electric and acoustic guitars
Danh Tranh, programming
Art Lande: piano
Marc Johnson: bass
Peter Erskine: drums, percussion.

The Don Rendell & Ian Carr Quintet - Change Is (1969)

01.Elastic Dream
02.One Green Eye
03.Boy, Dog And Carrot
04.Cold Mountain
05.Black Hair

Bass - Dave Green,Jeff Clyne
Saxophone [Tenor,Soprano],Flute - Don Rendell
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Ian Carr
Drums - Trevor Tomkins
Piano - Mike Pyne (tracks:02)
Piano,Harpsichord - Michael Garrick
Saxophone [Tenor],Clarinet - Stan Robinson (tracks:01,02)
Talking Drum, Maracas - Guy Warren (tracks:01,03).
Recorded: London, March 20 & April 16, 1969. Columbia Lansdowne Series release.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions of the Emerald Beyond (1975)

Eternity's Breath Part 1
Eternity's Breath Part 2
Lila's Dance
Can't Stand Your Funk
Cosmic Strut
If I Could See
Be Happy
Earth Ship
On The Way Home To Earth.

John McLaughlin: guitar, vocals
Jean-Luc Ponty: violin
Michael Walden-: drums, vocals
Ralphe Armstrong: bass, vocals
Gayle Moran: keyboards, vocals
Bob Knapp: trumpet, vocals
Russel Tubbs: sax
Steven Kindler: violin
Carol Shive: viola, vocals
Phillip Hirschi: cello.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire (1973)

01.Birds of Fire (5:41)
02.Miles Beyond (Miles Davis) (4:39)
03.Celestial Terrestrial Commuters (2:53)
04.Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love (0:22)
05.Thousand Island Park (3:19)
06.Hope (1:55)
07.One Word (9:54)
08.Sanctuary (5:01)
09.Open Country Joy (3:52)
10.Resolution (2:08).

John McLaughlin (guitars)
Jan Hammer (keyboards)
Billy Cobham(percussion)
Jerry Goodman (violin)
Rick Laird (bass).

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness and Eternity (1973)

01.Trilogy: Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tomorrow's Story Not the Same
02.Sister Andrea

John McLaughlin - guitar
Jan Hammer - keyboards
Billy Cobham - drums
Rick Laird - bass
Jerry Goodman - violin.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Apocalypse (1974)

Power of Love
Vision is a Naked Sword
Smile of the Beyond
Wings of Karma
Hymn to Him.

John McLaughlin- guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty- violin
Gayle Moran- keyboards and vocals
Michael Tilson Thomas- Conductor and piano
Marsha Westbrook- viola
Carol Shive- violin, vocals
Philip Hirschi- cello, vocals
Michael Walden- drums
Ralphe Armstrong- bass, vocals
London Symphony Orchestra.

Steve Howe - Natural Timbre (2001)

01.Distant Seas (6:14)
02.Provence (4:00)
03.Intersection Blues (2:28)
04.Family Tree (4:29)
05.J's Theme (3:52)
06.In the Course of the Day (3:32)
07.Dream River (3:58)
08.Golden Years (4:35)
09.The Little Galliard (1:22)
10.Up Above Somewhere (3:56)
11.Curls and Swirls (2:33)
12.Pyramidology (3:06)
13.Lost for Words (3:34)
14.Winter (Vivladi) (2:16)
15.Solar Winds (3:53)
16.Your Move (3:27)
17.Disillusion (1:41)
18.To Be Over (6:13).

Steve Howe - guitar (acoustic), banjo, bass, dobro, guitar, mandolin, percussion, autoharp, guitar (bass), guitar (12 String), koto, mandola, mandocello, Hawaiian Lap Steel guitar
Andrew Jackman / piano, Glockenspiel
Anna Palm - violin
Dylan Howe - drums.

Hilton Ruiz - The Collected Hilton Ruiz (1999)

01.West Side Blues 6:43
02.El Camino (The Road) 6:19
03.The Sidewinder 6:17
04.Goin' Back to New Orleans 10:44
05.Doin' It Right 6:16
06.Slip Slidin' Blues 3:37
07.Scottish Blues 5:43
08.Cuchi Cuchi 5:37
09.A Moment's Notice 8:53.

Robby Ameen - Drums
Steve Berrios - Percussion, Timbales
Don Cherry - Trumpet
George Coleman - Sax (Tenor)
Kenny Garrett - Sax (Alto)
Andy Gonzales - Bass
Dick Griffin - Trombone
Rodney Jones - Guitar
Daniel Ponce - Bongos, Conga
Sam Rivers - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Ruben Rodriquez - Bass
Jimmy Rowser - Bass
Hilton Ruiz - Piano
Mongo Santamaría - Conga
Joe Santiago - Bass
Lew Soloff -Trumpet
Dave Valentin - Flute.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Hilton Ruiz - “Steppin’With T.P.”(Tributo a Tito Puente) (2005)

01.Cruizin whith Royal T.
02.Sanctiified Feeling
03.Jumping with Symphony sid
04.Newe Arrival
07.Steppin with T.P.
08.East Coast Mambo
09.Mambo para Puente
10.New Arribal II.

Hilton Ruiz (Piano)
Yomo Toro (cuatro Guitar)
Dave Valentin (Flute)
Jay Hoggard (vibes)
Leon Dorsey (bass)
Geoff Brennen (bass)
Chembo Corniel (percusssion)
Willie MArtinez (drums).

Emilio Morales - Concierto Tumbao (2010)

01.Tata Guinness
02.Drume, negrita
03.Siempre te vas en las tardes
04.Con cierto tumbao
05.Los Tres Golpes
07.El manisero
08.Las perlas de tu boca
09.Mi mejor canción
10.Nica´s dreams

Emilio Morales:Piano
Fabián García:Bass
Emilio del Monte:Timbales
Emilio del Monte Jr: Tumbadoras, botija, bongó de madera, marimbula, petites percussions
Enrique Lazaga: güiros, petites percussions
Participation de de Yasek Manzano (flugelhorn dans 'Con-cierto tumbao') et Sory (voix solo dans 'Siempre te vas' & 'La perlas').

David Torn,Mick Karn,Terry Bozzio - Polytown (1994)

01.Honey Sweating (5:45)
02.Palms For Lester (6:43)
03.Open Letter To The Heart Of Diaphora (4:36)
04.Bandaged By Dreams (6:53)
05.Warrior Horsemen Of The Spirit Thundering Over Hills Of Doubt To A Place Of Hope (5:01)
06.Snail Hair Dune (9:31)
07.This Is The Abduction Scene (3:09)
08.Red Sleep (4:27)
09.Res Majuko (3:42)
10.City Of The Dead (3:30).

David Torn / guitars, loops and processing, Hammond B-3, harmonica, fake Koto, tiny piano and voice
Mick Karn / fretless bass, bass clarinet, dida and greek voice
Terry Bozzio / drums, percussion, bodhran, dumbek, throaty french horn imitation and 12 notes on the piano.
 Recorded and mixed by Bruce Calder between June 25 and July 16, 1993 at White Crow Audio, Burlington.

David Sanchez - Coral (2004)

01.Eu Sei que Vou Te Amar
02.Matita Pere
06.Elements II, The
07.Vexilla Regis
08.Cancion del Canaveral.

David Sanchez - Sax (Tenor)
Ben Street - Bass
Pernell Saturnino - Percussion
Edsel Gomez - Piano
Miguel Zenón - Sax (Alto)
Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra
John Benítez - Bass
Adam Cruz - Drums
Carlos Franzetti - Arranger, Conductor.

Danilo Perez - Providencia (2010)

01.Daniela's Chronicles (10:14)
02.Galactic Panama (5:04)
03.Historia De Un Amor (4:37)
04.Bridge Of Life, Part I (3:43)
05.Providencia (5:08)
06.Irremediablemente Solo (6:09)
07.The Oracle (Dedicated To Charlie Banacos) (5:07)
08.Bridge Of Life, Part II (1:52)
09.The Maze: The Beginning (1:38)
10.Cobilla (5:25)
11.The Maze: The End (1:25).

Danilo Perez: piano
Ben Street: bass
Adam Cruz: drums, steel pans
Rudresh Mahanthappa: alto saxophone
Jamey Haddad: percussion
Ernesto Diaz: congas
Sara Serpa: vocals
Matt Marvuglio: flute
Barbara Laffitte: oboe
Amparo Edo Biol: French horn
Margaret Phillips: bassoon
Jose Benito Meza Torres: clarinet.

Monday 22 August 2011

Danny Gatton, Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman - New York Stories (1992)

1.Dolly's Ditty
2.Wheel Within a Wheel
3.Ice Maidens
4.Out a Day
5.Mike the Cat
7.Clear Thought
9.One for Lenny.

Danny Gatton: Guitar
Bobby Watson: Alto Sax
Roy Hargrove: Trumpet
Joshua Redman: Tenor Sax
Franck Amsallem: Piano
Charles Fambrough: Bass
Yuron Israel: Drums.

Cameron Mizell – Tributary (2010)

02.The Bottoms
03.Sawdust Dive
04.Mississippi Mud Clerk
05.Ghost Town
06.Juniors Swamp Sauce
07.Another Old Fashion
09.The Return
10.Tributary (Epilogue).

Cameron Mizell – electric and acoustic guitars, glockenspiel
Brad Whiteley – Hammond B3 organ, synth bass, additional keyboards
Kenneth Salters – drums
Erika Lloyd – vocals on Ghost Town
Lauren Zettler – vocals on The Return.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Bernhard Lackner - In Between (2009)

01.Take Off Your Shoes (6:21)
02.The Next Step (6:35)
03.Maybe Another Time (6:17)
04.Twelve Years Later (6:54)
05.Almost Home (2:20)
06.In Between (6:31)
07.Being Away (7:14)
08.Thanks And See You Next Time (5:33).

Bernhard Lackner (bass)
Christian Stueckelschweiger (piano)
Scott Bernard (guitar)
Derico Watson (drums)
Adam Agati (guitar)
Doug Belote (drums)
Jeff Coffin (sax)
Scott Hallgren (keyboards)
Steve Cunningham (guitar)
Chester Thompson (drums)
De Marco Johnson (harmonica, keyboards)
Marcus Finnie (drums)
Mike Whittaker (keyboards)
Marco Minnemann (drums)
Mike Bauer (guitar)
Adam Holzman (keyboards).

Alain Caron - Caron - Eca - Lockwood (1996)

01.Gypsy 4:37
02.Country House 4:34
03.Le Blues des Trois 4:49
04.Romane 2:58
05.Apassionata 3:22
06.Options 5:09
07.Jimmy B-3 4:10
08.Take a Waltz 4:02
09.Good Luck Brother 4:09
10.Profil Perdu 2:44
11.Angelito 4:22
12.Gris Jour 4:02
13.Very First 4:05
14.Amusette 2:10
15.Sam Buca's Blues 4:41.

Jean Marie Ecay - Guitar
Alain Caron - Bass
Didier Lockwood - Violin, Violin (Electric).

Saturday 6 August 2011

Roy Hargrove Big Band - Emergence (2009)

Ms. Garvey, Ms. Garvey
My Funny Valentine
Mambo for Roy
September In the Rain
Every Time We Say Goodbye
La Puerta
Roy Allan

Roy Hargrove: leader, composer, arranger, trumpet, fluegelhorn, vocal
Frank Greene: trumpet and flugelhorn
Greg Gisbert, : trumpet and flugelhorn
Darren Barrett: trumpet and flugelhorn
Ambrose Akinmisure: trumpet and flugelhorn
Jason Jackson: trombone
Vincent Chandler: trombone
Saunders Sermons: trombone
Max Siegel: bass trombone, arranger
Bruce Williams: alto saxophone, flute; Justin Robinson: alto saxophone,flute
Norbert Stachel: tenor saxophone, flute
Keith Loftis: tenor saxophone, flute
Jason Marshall: baritone saxophone, flute, reeds
Gerald Clayton: piano, arranger
Saul Rubin: guitar
Danton Boller: bass
Montez Coleman: drums
Roberta Gambarini: vocals.

The Roy Hargrove Quintet - Earfood (2008)

01.I'm Not So Sure 5:48
02.Brown 4:30
03.Strasbourg/St.Denis 4:38
04.Starmaker 7:54
05.Joy Is Sorry Unmasked 4:46
06.Stinger 4:57
07.Rouge 2:46
08.Mr. Clean 5:51
09.Style 6:35
10.Divine 5:10
11.To Wisdom The Prize 5:43
12.Speak Low 5:16
13.Bring It On Home To Me 3:00.

Roy Hargrove (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Justin Robinson (flute, alto saxophone)
Gerald Clayton (piano)
Danton Boller (bass instrument)
Montez Coleman (drum).

Tito Puente - Salsa Meets Jazz (1988)

01.Corner Pocket
02.Salsa Caliente
06.Guajira Soul
09.Con Alma.

Tito Puente (vibraphone, marimba, timbales, percussion)
Phil Woods (alto saxophone)
Mario Rivera (tenor saxophone, flute)
Piro Rodriguez, Bill Ortiz (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Joe De Jesus (trombone)
Sonny Bravo (piano)
Rebecca Mauleon (synthesizer)
Bobby Rodriguez (bass)
Johnny Rodriguez (bongos)
Jose Madera (congas)
Frank Figueroa,Jose Alexis Diaz (background vocals).

Friday 5 August 2011

United Jazz+Rock Ensemble - Live In Berlin (1981)

01.Ausgeschlafen (Dauner)
02.Red Room (Mariano)
03.Storyboard (Kriegel)
04.Out Of The Long Dark (Carr)
05.Freibad Süd (Kriegel)
06.Des'sch Too Much (Mangelsdorff)
07.Simply this (Carr)
08.Tranz Tanz (Dauner)
09.South Indian Line (Mariano).

Barbara Thompson; fl,ss, ts
Ian Carr; tp
Wolfgang Dauner; p, cl, synth
Jon Hiseman, dr
Volker Kriegel, gt
Albert Mangeldsorff; tb
Charlie Mariano; nagaswaran, ss, as
Ack van Rooyen; tp, flgh
Eberhard Weber; b.
Recorded live in Berlin, Germany, on October 30 & 31, 1981 at Quartier Latin by Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart.

The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble - Teamwork (1978)

01.Gone With The Weed (Ian Carr) 5:24
02.Stumbling Henry's Divorce March (Volker Kriegel) 7:16
03.Sicilian Steal (Barbara Thompson) 6:54
04.Pale Smile (Eberhard Weber) 4:00
05.Albert's Song (Albert Mangelsdorff) 0:10
06.Yin (Wolfgang Dauner) 5:38
07.To An Elfin Princess (Charlie Mariano) 5:38
08.Wart G'schwind (Albert Mangelsdorff) 9:05.

Ian Carr – trumpet
Ack van Rooyen – trumpet, flugelhorn
Charlie Mariano – soprano & alto saxophones
Barbara Thompson – soprano & tenor saxophones
Albert Mangelsdorff – trombone
Wolfgang Dauner – piano, synthesizer
Volker Kriegel – guitar
Eberhard Weber – bass
Jon Hiseman – drums.
Recorded January 13-16, 1978 by Gibbs Platen at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart, Germany.