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Andy Bey - Experience and Judgment (1974)

01.Celestial Blues
04.I Know This Love Can't Be Wrong
06.You Should've Seen The Way
07.Tune Up
08.Rosemary Blue
09.Being Uptight
10.A Place Where Love Is
11.Trust Us To Find The Way
12.The Power Of My Mind.

Bass [Electric] – Wilbur Bascomb
Drums – Buddy Williams (tracks: A1, A4 to A6, B1, B4 to B6), Jimmy Young (tracks: A2, A3, B2, B3)
Engineer [Overdub, Remix] – Jimmy Douglass
Engineer [Recording] – Bob Liftin
Guitar – George Davis (2), Richard Resnicoff (tracks: A2, A3, B2, B3)
Piano [Acoustic] – Andy Bey (tracks: A2, A3, B2, B3)
Producer, Electric Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Percussion – William Fischer*
Violin, Viola – Selwart Clarke (tracks: A1, A4 to A6, B1, B4 to B6)
Vocals – Andy Bey.

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The Headhunters - Survival Of The Fittest (1975)

01.God Make Me Funky
03.Here And Now
04.Daffy's Dance
06.If You've Got It, You'll Get It.

Bass Drum, Bell, Percussion – Baba Duru
Djembe – Zak Diouf
Djembe, Log Drum, Cow Bells, Sleigh Bells, Guiro, Maracas, Quica, Belafon, Tamborim, Bongos, Caxixi, Shekere, Gankoqui & Agogo, Berimbou, Pandeira, Hindewhu, Conga Drums, Cabasa, Marimbula, Balinese Gongs, Vocals – Bill Summers
Drums, Vocals – Mike Clark (2)
Electric Bass – Paul Jackson (2)
Electric Guitar, Vocals – Dewayne McKnight
Percussion – Harvey Mason
Producer – David Rubinson, Herbie Hancock
Saxello, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Accoustic Piano, Vocals – Bennie Maupin.

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Johnny "Hammond" Smith - Black Coffee (1962)

01.Black Coffee
02.Monterey Theme
03.I Remember Clifford
04.Far Away Places Johnny
05.Rufus Toofus
06.Body And Soul Johnny
07.He's a Real Gone Guy.

Johnny "Hammond" Smith (organ)
Eddie McFadden (guitar)
Seldon Powell (saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Houston Person (tenor saxophone)
Sonny Williams (trumpet)
Leo Stevens (drums).
Recording information: Monterey Club, New Haven, CT (11/08/1962); Plaza Sound Studios, New York, NY (11/08/1962).

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Attila Laszlo - Once Upon A Time (2000)

01.Brother I.
03.Brother II.
04.Sad Smile
05.Last Moment
06.Turn to East
07.Without Shadow
09.Sentimental Voices
10.Once Upon A Time.

Attila Laszlo (guitar)
Zoltan Gyongyossy (flute)
Bela Szabo (oboe)
Gyorgy Lakatos (bassoon)
Zoltan Lantos (violin)
Kalman Olah (piano)
Bela Lattmann (bass)
Peter Szendfi, Tommy Campbell (drums)
Kornel Horvath (percussion).
Recording information: Cegled (2000-2002); Tom-Tom studio, Budapest, Hungary (2000-2002).
Laszlo Attila Band feat Tommy Campbell

Good Luck - composed & arranged by Attila Laszlo
Attila Laszlo - guitar
Olah Kalman - piano
Bela Latmann - bass
Horvath Kornel - percussion
feat. Tommy Campbell - drums
'95 Budapest.
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The Headhunters - Straight from the Gate (1978)

01.Straight from the Gate 5:31
02.Mayonnaise 5:33
03.Ms. Yum Yum 6:49
04.Don't Kill Your Feelings 4:35
05.Descending Azzizziuh (The Beginning of a Dream) 4:01
06.I Remember I Made You Cry 5:23
07.Pork Soda 4:00
08.Dreams 3:18
09.Silhouette 5:52

Bennie Maupin - Flute, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Vocals, Wind
Dewayne Blackbyrd McKnight - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Potyen - Keyboards, Vocals, Clavinet
Paul Jackson - Bass, Vocals
Mike Clark - Drums
Bill Summers - Percussion
Derrick Youman - Vocals.

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Johnny "Hammond" Smith - What's Going On? (1971)

1.What's Goin On
2.Smokin' Kool
3.L & J
4.I'll Be There Johnny
5.Between The Sheets.

Arranged By [Strings & Horns] – Bill Fischer
Baritone Saxophone – Babe Clarke*
Bass [Fender] – Jimmy Lewis (2)
Drums – Eddie Gee
Guitar – James Clark (3), Ted Dunbar
Organ – Johnny "Hammond" Smith*
Producer – Bob Porter
Tenor Saxophone – Grover Washington, Jr., Richard Landry
Trombone – Garnett Brown
Trumpet – Ernie Royal, Robert Prado.

Reissue of pianist's soul-jazz album from 1971.

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Charles Earland – Coming To You Live (1980)

02.Take Me To Heaven
03.Good Question
04.I Will Never Tell
05.Zee Funkin’ Space
06.It’s The Woman In You
07.Coming To You Live
08.Spend The Night With Me.

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Charles Earland - Street Themes (1983)

01.Be My Lady (Tonight) 5:52
02.Take Me Away 4:23
03.Feels So Good To Me 4:02
04.Burning Devotion 5:09
05.Go All The Way 4:15
06.Walk With Me 5:22
07.Street Themes 4:30
08.Tell Me What It Is 5:15.

Rubens Bassini - Percussion
Charles Earland - Composer
Leslie Ming - Drums
Dunn Pearson, Jr. - Keyboards,Vocals.

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Joey Defrancesco - Legacy (2004)

01.Legacy/DeFrancesco 8:20
02.Dot Com Blues/Smith 6:51
03.I'll Close My Eyes/Reid 7:33
04.Back at the Chicken Shack/Smith 6:41
05.Jones'n for Elvin/DeFrancesco 7:08
06.Off the Top/Smith 6:22
07.Corcovado (Quiet Nights)/Jobim 8:24
08.I've Got My Mojo Workin'/Foster 6:15
09.St. Thomas/Rollins 4:00
10.Blues for Bobby C./Smith 6:26
11.Midnight Special/Smith 7:31.

Joey DeFrancesco (piano, Hammond b-3 organ)
Jimmy Smith (Hammond b-3 organ)
Paul Bollenback (sitar)
James Moody (tenor saxophone)
Tony Banda (double bass)
Mel Brown (bass guitar)
Byron Landham (drums, gong)
Steve Ferrone (drums)
Ramon Banda (timbales)
Raul Yañez (Piano)
Edmund O'Reilly (Zither)
Jose "Joey" de Leon (Conga,Shakere)
Tom Cerino (Gong).

Extending the good vibes created out of their first pairing on the live recording Incredible!, organists Joey Defrancesco and Jimmy Smith get down to business on Legacy. The two stellar and funky musicians have a great musical rapport and seem to really enjoy playing together. Fans of Incredible! will most likely find much to enjoy here. The album has a heavy Latin sound with percussionists Ramon Banda and Jose "Joey" de Leon supplying additional timbales and conga rhythms respectively. Also joining in this time around is special guest tenor saxophonist James Moody, who adds his fiery bop chops to "Jones'n for Elvin." Backing Defrancesco and Smith here are bassist Tony Banda, guitarist Paul Bollenback, and drummer Steve Ferrone. ~ Matt Collar.

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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Joey Defrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way (2004)

01.I Get a Kick Out of You (5:38)
02.Teach Me Tonight (5:58)
03.Pennies From Heaven (5:23)
04.What's New (6:47)
05.Witchcraft (6:05)
06.What Now My Love (5:37)
07.Don't Worry 'Bout Me (6:21)
08.Falling in Love With Love (5:22)
09.Angel Eyes (6:09).

Joey DeFrancesco (organ)
Houston Person (tenor sax)
Melvin Sparks (guitar)
Byron Landham (drums).

Although he’s been on the Concord label for several years now, it seems that the well spring of material that Joey DeFrancesco cut for Joe Fields’ HighNote imprimatur continues to be harvested with the latest offering being this 1998 session recorded in 24-bit digital splendor by the legendary Rudy Van Gelder. Don’t look for the title on this one to provide much more than a unifying element for the tunes included, which just happen to be numbers that ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ recorded at some point during the span of his career. Known to vocalize somewhat himself, DeFrancesco does no singing here either. The emphasis is on the type of hard swinging groove music that has always been this organist’s main form of expression.
In the company of Houston Person (who led DeFrancesco to the Muse label many years ago), guitarist Melvin Sparks, and longtime drummer Byron Landham, our leading man delivers nine selections that all clock in at around the five to six minute length. With its clever opening vamp, “Pennies From Heaven” finds DeFrancesco at his boppish best, with Sparks weighing in with his own juicy chords in support (as well as a solo that includes a clever “shave and a hair cut” quote to boot). At the start of his career I happened to interview Joey and he commented on how much he dug the bass lines of Groove Holmes. That he’s developed his own way with those foot pedals is clear on this performance alone.
There’s really no need to analyze each individual track here, as anyone even remotely familiar with DeFrancesco will be aware of his mastery of the mighty B-3. Van Gelder’s sound job brings Joey and the guys right into your living room. This no frills affair may be short on the revolutionary, but it will surely please fans of DeFrancesco, Person, and Sparks.By C.ANDREW HOVAN.
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Joe Farrell - Darn That Dream (1982)

01.Section 8 Blues
02.Darn That Dream
03.Mode For Joe
04.Blue & Boogie
05.You Stepped Out Of A Dream
06.Someday My Prince Will Come
07.On Green Dolphin Street
08.Fun for One and All.

Joe Farrell (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Art Pepper (alto saxophone)
George Cables (piano)
Tony Dumas (acoustic bass);
John Dentz (drums).

Tenor-saxophonist Joe Farrell recorded two albums' worth of material for RealTime in March 1982. This CD reissue by Drive Archive has most of the best material including three selections featuring altoist Art Pepper in one of his final recordings; Pepper is best on his showcase "Darn That Dream." Farrell (who is joined by pianist George Cables, bassist Tony Dumas and drummer John Dentz) is in consistently fine form throughout the other selections, sounding particularly adventurous on "Mode for Joe" and coming up with some fresh statements on such standards as "Blue & Boogie," "You Stepped out of a Dream" and "Someday My Prince Will Come." ~ Scott Yanow.
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Hilton Ruiz - Heroes (1993)

01.Sonny's Mood
03.Little Suede Shoes
04.Lover Man
05.For Max
06.Maiden Voyage
07.Con Alma
08.Tune Up

Hilton Ruiz (piano)
Joe Gonzalez (banjo, bongos)
David Sanchez (tenor saxophone)
Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet)
Steve Turre (trombone)
Tito Puente (vibraphone, timbales)
Ignacio Berroa (drums)
Giovanni Hidalgo, Carlos "Patato" Valdes (congas)
Steve Berrios (timbales).

Although often overlooked, pianist Hilton Ruiz has been one of the top Latin jazz bandleaders (at least on record) of the 1980s and '90s. For this spirited affair, Ruiz uses a nonet consisting of up-and-coming tenor saxophonist David Sanchez, trumpeter Charlie Sepulveda, the great trombonist Steve Turre, bassist Andy Gonzalez, drummer Ignacio Berroa and three percussionists. Tito Puente sits in on three of the nine numbers, two of them on vibes. The music is generally more bop-oriented than Ruiz's earlier Novus releases, with highlights including his "Sonny's Mood," "Little Suede Shoes," "Maiden Voyage" and "Con Alma"; the latter is a duet by Ruiz and Sepulveda. Recommended. ~ Scott Yanow.
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Guillermo Klein - El Minotauro (1997)

01.El Minotauro 5:04
02.La Manzana de Las Luces 7:11
03.Las Luces Primer Tango 7:00
04.Free 6:25
05.Lo Perdido 11:03
06.La Madre de Mi Hermana 8:21
07.Hermana Abismo 6:09
08.Technicolor 5:24.

Guillermo Klein (conductor)
Richard Nant, John Walsh, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, David Boato (trumpets)
Sandro Tomasi, Masa Ikeda, Sir Matt Pavolka (trombones)
Matt Hong (alto sax, flute)
Chris Cheek (tenor and soprano saxophones)
Dave Barraza (tenor sax, clarinet)
Mark Turner (tenor and soprano sax)
Dan Bosshardt (baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute)
Sten Hostfalt (guitar); Aaron Goldberg (piano)
Johannes Weidenmueller (acoustic bass)
Marc Miralta (drums)
Sophie Duner (voice).

This album, inexplicably out of print, documents one of the earliest incarnations of Guillermo Klein's big band. Called Big Van, the ensemble had pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Johannes Weidenmueller, and drummer Marc Miralta in the rhythm section; Chris Cheek and Mark Turner, Matt Hong, Dave Barraza, and Dan Bosshardt on saxophones; Richard Nant, John Walsh, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, and David Boato on trumpets; Sandro Tomasi, Masa Ikeda, and Sir Matt Pavolka on trombones; and Sten Hostfält on guitar. Klein wrote, arranged, and conducted the album's eight powerful tracks.
Blending the sounds of his native Argentina with a cutting-edge harmonic and orchestrational sophistication, Klein guides you through a wide swath of musical territory: the bright Latin jazz of "El Minotauro" and "Free"; the darker, majestic sounds of "Primer Tango" and "Lo Perdido" (the latter featuring an intense Spanish vocal performance by Sophie Durer); the impressionistic portraits "La Manzana de Las Luces" and "Abismo"; and the retro jazz/funk grooves of "La Madre de Mi Hermana" and "Technicolor." Klein's mastery of timbral variation and subtle dynamics makes the album a lasting pleasure. The band's brilliant soloists heighten the impact of Klein's writing all the more. And the strategic use of quirky voice-overs and signal processing gives the album an added punch. Along with figures such as Maria Schneider and Jason Lindner, Guillermo Klein is helping give rise to a new era in big-band David R. Adler.
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Gary Burton - Alone at Last (1971)

01.Moonchild/In Your Quiet Place [live] - Jarrett
02.Green Mountains/Arise, Her Eyes [live] - Swallow
03.The Sunset Bell [live] - Burton
04.Handbags and Gladrags - DAbo
05.Hullo Bolinas - Swallow
06.General Mojo’s Well Laid Plan - Swallow
07.Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) - DeMoraes, Jobim.

Gary Burton - Organ, Piano, Piano (Electric); Vocals, Vibraphone.
Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, New York and live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland. Originally released on Atlantic 2002.

Because Gary Burton uses four mallets simultaneously, he has long been able to sound like two or three players at once. This remarkable solo set has three selections in which Burton overdubs vibes with piano, electric piano, and organ, but those are far overshadowed by three unaccompanied vibes showcased from the 1971 Montreux Jazz Festival and a slightly later (and very memorable) studio rendition of "Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)." The latter is one of the high points of Gary Burton's career. Wondrous music. ~ Scott Yanow.
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Gary Burton - Duster (1967)

02.Sweet Rain
03.Portsmouth Figurations
04.General Mojo's Well Laid Plan
05.One, Two, 1-2-3-4
06.Sing Me Softly Of The Blues

Gary Burton (vibraphone)
Larry Coryell (guitar)
Steve Swallow (bass)
Roy Haynes (drums).
Recorded at the RCA Victor's Studio B, New York, New York in 1967.

Burton's first successful entry into jazz-rock fusion, still more jazz than rock but pointing the way ahead. Compositions by bassist Steve Swallow, Carla Bley and Mike Gibbs are savvily interpreted by Burton, Swallow, Larry Coryell and drummer Roy Haynes. Coryell's sharp tone, deeply inflected by the blues, offers the main rock flavoring on tunes like "Ballet", "Liturgy", and Swallow's hippie-esque "General Mojo's Well-Laid Plan". The album received an astonishing 5-star review from Down Beat upon its initial release.

Following his service with Burton, Coryell joined with saxophonist Steve "The Count" Marcus to form Count's Rock Band. The group was rounded out by Chris Hills and Bob Moses from the Free Spirits, New Zealand-born keyboardist Mike Nock, and percussionist Chris Swanson. Their assimilation of rock elements was more overt than in Burton's quartet. Pop song covers and Nock's kitschy harpsichord assured a young following for Count's Rock Band for a time. The group's self-titled debut album was released in '69 on the Vortex label (an Atlantic subsidiary), concurrently with Marcus' own effort, The Lord's Prayer.
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Elvin Jones - Genesis (1971)

01.P.P. Phoenix 4:56
02.For All The Other Times 10:00
03.Slumber 5:16
04.Three Card Molly 8:25
05.Cecilia Is Love 10:10.

Bass - Gene Perla
Drums - Elvin Jones
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano] - Dave Liebman,Joe Farrell
Saxophone [Tenor], Flute [Alto] - Frank Foster.

The graphics are kind of dull on this late-period Blue Note LP, but the music is anything but boring. Elvin Jones' band had expanded during 1969-71 from a pianoless trio to a three-horn quintet. With Dave Liebman and the returning Joe Farrell on tenors and sopranos and Frank Foster contributing some tenor, alto flute and bass clarinet (bassist Gene Perla completes the group), it would not be an overstatement to call this a powerful unit. On five originals by band members (best-known is Jones' "Three Card Molly"), the musicians take long, heated solos that straddle the boundary between hard bop and the avant-garde. Their album (not yet out on CD) has plenty of invigorating music.(by S.Yanow)
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Sunday 26 June 2011

Christian Escoude - Catalogne (2010)

01.Moulin Rouge
03.Made in France
04De Delphine a Lancien
05Tango pour Christian
06.Moonlight Serenade
07.Catalogne See All 2
08.Gypsy talk
11.Quelquefois (pour que ma vie demeure)
12.Begin The Beguine
13.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

Christian Escoudé (born 1947 in Angoulême, Charente) is a jazz guitarist from France. He grew up in Angoulême and is of Romani people descent on his father's side. His father was a guitarist too and influenced by Django Reinhardt. Christian became a musician at 15 and starting in 1972 he worked in a trio with Aldo Romano. By the 1980s he had success in a quartet with John Lewis. He also played with Philip Catherine for a time. In his forties he received a contract with the French division of Verve Records.
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Bob Leaper Big Band - Beatle Songs [Remastered Edition] (2005)

01.I Wanna Be Your Man
02.It Won't Be Long
03.This Boy
04.Don't Bother Me
05.She Loves You
06.Hard Day's Night
07.Love Me Do
08.Please Please Me
09.All My Loving
10.There's a Place
11.Do You Want To Know A Secret?
12.I Saw Her Standing There.

Bob Leaper, who has disappeared from the scene, went into the studio on two occasions, one occasion armed with his interpretations of music made popular by Petula Clarke and this fabulous album. The first album is long lost to the public being held in an archive (PYE) and the rights seemingly unobtainable at the moment; the other has been available for a while from Dutton Vocalion but somehow is ignored by collectors.
The album was originally a Phase4Stereo Spectacular multi-channel extravaganza made to compliment the growing popularity of stereo recordings. Having said that this is not a gimmicky journey through a percussion session, ping ping stereo it is not. This is a JAZZ album!!!!
This is a top London session band, Kenny Clare on Drums; Ronnie Scott on tenor for example. No-one has extracted more music from Beatles songs, no arranger could improve on Leaper's interpretation; listen to the soloists who revel in the exciting opportunities Leaper's imagination presents. This is a gem of a recording.
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Monday 20 June 2011

Didier Lockwood - Group And Quartet (1982 - 1986)

01.Crazy Eight
04.Sunset Lombard
05.Tenderly Yours
06.Zebulon Dance
08.Turning Point
09.Happy End
10.Le Solo
11.Rainst Against Time
12.Take Your Time
14.Vendredi 14
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Frank Gambale - The Great Explorers (1993)

01.Frankly Speaking 5:33
02.The Final Frontier 4:53
03.The Jaguar 4:13
04.The Great Explorers 5:49
05.Duet Tuet:44
06.She Knows Me Well 4:35
07.Thunder Current 6:11
08.Pathfinder 4:19
09.Dawn Over the Nullarbor 4:43
10.Cruising Altitude 4:46
11.Naughty Business 5:59.

Jonathan Mover - Cymbals, Drums
Stuart Hamm - Bass, Fretless Bass
Tom Coster - Organ, Organ (Hammond)
Frank Gambale - Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Drums, Sitar, Voices, Producer, Sequencing, Drum Programming, Mixing
Freddie Ravel - Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Soloist.

Frank Gambale was still a vital part of Chick Corea's Elektric Band when he recorded The Great Explorers, a hard-hitting, aggressive effort that generally has more in common with the instrumental rock of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani than the more complex jazz-fusion he embraced with Corea and Steve Smith's Vital Information. JVC asked retailers to place Explorers in both their jazz and rock sections, but in fact, the CD's jazz content isn't very sizeable (exceptions include the Pat Metheny-influenced "Cruising Altitude" and the poetic "Dawn over the Nullarbor"). Be that as it may, Explorers is a solid effort -- nothing remarkable, but enjoyable and honest. Vai and Satriani fans would do well to pay close attention to Explorers, while those who are only interested in hearing the guitarist play jazz-fusion will probably want to pass. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide.
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Gato Barbieri - The Third World Revisited (1974)

02.John Coltrane Stereo Blues
06.El Arriero.

Gato Barbieri - Flute, Sax (Tenor), Vocals
Charlie Haden - Bass
Beaver Harris - Drums
Richard Landrum - Percussion
Roswell Rudd - Trombone
Lonnie Liston Smith - Piano.

Tenor-saxophonist Gato Barbieri is in particularly fine form on this release, stretching out on four selections which include "Yesterdays," "Carinoso" and a song simply titled "A John Coltrane Blues." Backed by a six-piece rhythm section that includes Jorge Dalto's keybaords and guitarist Paul Metzke, Barbieri is often exuberant on this spirited and emotional set. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
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Gary Burton - Astor Piazzolla Reunion - A Tango Excursion (1998)

01.Biyuya 5:52
02.Allegro Tangábile 3:41
03.Romance Del Diablo 6:24
04.Caliente 4:27
05.Tanguedía 4:40
06.Triunfal 4:03
07.Soledad 7:50
08.Lunfardo 6:10
09.Revirado 3:21
10.La Muerte Del Angel 3:07
11.Decarísimo 2:41
12.Concierto Para Quinteto 11:06
13.Mi Refugio 4:17.

Gary Burton (vibraphone)
Daniel Binelli, Marcelo Nisinman, Astor Piazzolla (bandoneon)
Fernando Suarez-Paz (violin)
Pablo Ziegler, Makoto Ozone, Nicolas Ledesma (piano)
Horacio Malvicino (guitar)
Hector Console (bass).
Recorded at El Pie Recording Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina from December 2-5, 1996.

The track "Mi Refugio," features Gary Burton overdubbed on a rare solo performance by Astor Piazzolla.

Gary Burton has had many stellar moments over the years, and in the 1990s, one of his finest achievements was Astor Piazzolla Reunion, a heartfelt tribute to the late Argentinean tango innovator and bandoneon master. Having toured and recorded with Piazzolla in the 1980s, Burton clearly had a strong appreciation of his legacy, and that appreciation comes through in a major way on arrangements of "Tanguedia," "Romance Del Diablo," and other gems by Piazzolla (whose risk-taking approach to tango generated as much controversy in tango circles as Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, and John Coltrane did in jazz). But as passionately as Burton expresses his love of Piazzolla's distinctive music, the vibist's own identity doesn't become buried or obscured. The CD's only major flaw is "Mi Refugio"; Burton has taken Piazzolla's 1970 solo performance of that Juan Carlos Cobian classic and overdubbed his vibes to make it sound like they're performing a duet. Even if Burton had the best of intentions, the end result is deception and cheap, crude exploitation. But otherwise, this album is outstanding. ~ Alex Henderson.
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Friday 17 June 2011

Justo Almario - Family Time (1989)

01.Seventh Avenue
02.Morning Goodness
04.To the Max
05.Abrazos y Besos
06.Smiles ahead
07.Quiet Wind

Justo Almario (flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesizer)
Kenia (vocals)
Larry Carlton (guitar)
Ramon Estagnado (charango)
Freddie Ravel (keyboards)
Joel Taylor (drums)
Jimmy Tanaka, Alex Acuña, Richie Gajate Garcia (percussion); Steve Tavaglione (programming).
Recording information: Take One, Burbank, CA.
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