Tuesday 30 December 2008

Mike Stern - Play (1999)

01. Play

02. Small World

03. Outta Town

04. Blue Tone

05. Tipatina's

06. All Heart

07. Frizz

08. Link

09. Goin' Under

10. Big Kids.

Mike Stern (guitar); Bob Malach (tenor saxophone); Jim Beard (keyboards); John Scofield, Bill Frisell (guitar); Lincoln Goines (bass); Dennis Chambers, Ben Perowsky (drums).

Oregon - Music for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1998)

02.Puckish Business
03.Love in Idleness
04.What Hempen Homespuns Have We Swaggering Here?
05.Titania's Lament
06.Oberon's Blessing
07.Bottom's Dream
09.Hermia's Galliard
10.SUITE: Spotted snakes, Thorny Hedgehogs - The Fairies Enter - Oberon's Wrath
11.Music Box
12.The Ousel Cock
13.Now the Hungry Lion Roars
14.Pursue Me Not
15.Lord, What Fools these Mortals Be!
16.The Moon Looks with a Water Eye
18.Rehearsing for the Duke
19.Spirit of Another Sort
20.Oberon and Titania's Dance
21.Oberon's Blessing (Reprise).

Piano: Ralph Towner
Keyboards: Ralph Towner
Oboe: Paul McCandless
Acoustic Bass: Glen Moore
Classical Guitar: Ralph Towner
English Horn: Paul McCandless
Penny Whistle: Paul McCandless
12 string Guitar: Ralph Towner
Sopranino Sax: Paul McCandless.

Pat Martino - Exit (1977)

2.Come Sunday
3.Three Base Hit
4.Days of Wine and Roses
5.Blue Bossa
6.I Remember Clifford.

Pat Martino (electric guitar)

Gil Goldstein (keyboards)
Richard Davis (acoustic bass)
Billy Hart (drums).

Pat Martino - East! (1968)

Pat Martino - East! (1968)

3.Close Your Eyes
4.Park Avenue Petite
5.Lazy Bird.

Pat Martino - guitar
Ben Tucker - bass, tambourine
Eddie Green - piano
Tyrone Brown - bass
Lenny McBrowne - drums.

Monday 29 December 2008

Gabor Szabo - Spellbinder (1966)

1 Spellbinder - Szabo
2 Witchcraft - Coleman, Leigh
3 It Was a Very Good Year - Drake
4 Gypsy Queen - Szabo
5 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Bono
6 Cheetah - Szabo
7 My Foolish Heart - Washington, Young
8 Yearning - Szabo
9 Autumn Leaves/Speak to Me of Love - Kosma, Lenoir, Mercer, Prevert.

Gabor Szabo (vocals, guitar); Ron Carter (double bass); Chico Hamilton (drums); 
 Willie Bobo, Victor Pantoja (percussion).

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa - Joe's Corsage (1965-66)

01. "Pretty Pat"
02. Motherly Love
03. Plastic People (Berry/FZ)
04. Anyway The Wind Blows
05. I Ain't Got No Heart
06. "The Phone Call"/My Babe (Hatfield/Medley)
07. Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy (Trad.)
08. Hitch Hike (Gaye/Paul/Stevenson)
09. I'm So Happy I Could Cry
10. Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (FZ/Collins)
11. How Could I Be Such A Fool?
12. "We Made Our Reputation Doing It That Way ."
FZ-guitar, vocals
Ray Collins-vocals, tambourine
Henry Vestine-guitar
Roy Estrada-bass
Jimmy Black-drums.

Dave Liebman

Dave Liebman - Homage to John Coltrane (1987)

01. Untitled Original
02. Crescent
03. Love
04. Joy / Selflessness
05. After The Rain

06. India
07. Welcome

08. Mr.Day
09. Dear Lord
10. Dahomey Dance

TRACKS 1 to 5:

Dave Liebman: soprano saxophone

Jim McNeely: acoustic piano
Eddie Gomez: acoustic bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums, percussion
Caris Visentin: oboe
TRACKS 6 to 10:
Dave Liebman: soprano saxophone
Jim Beard: synthesizers
Mark Egan: electric bass
Bob Moses: drums, percussion
Caris Visentin: oboe.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles Genius + Soul = Jazz (1961)

01 From The Heart
02 I've Got News For You
03 Moanin'
04 Let's Go
05 One Mint Julep
06 I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts O
07 Stompin' Room Only
08 Mister C
09 Strike Up The Band
10 Birth Of The Blues
11 Alabamy Bound
12 Basin Street Blues
13 New York's My Home.

Ray Charles (vocal, organ); Marshall Royal, Frank Wess, George Dorsey, Earle Warren (alto saxophone); Frank Foster, Billy Mitchell, Budd Johnson, Seldon Powell (tenor saxophone); Charlie Fowlkes, Haywood Henry (baritone saxophone); Philip Guilbeau, Thad Jones, Joe Newman, Clark Terry, Eugene Young, John Frosk, Jimmy Nottingham, Joe Wilder (trumpet); Henry Coker, Urbie Green, Al Grey, Benny Powell, Jimmy Cleveland, Keg Johnson, George Matthews (trombone); Freddy Green, Sam Herman (guitar); Eddy Jones, Joe Benjamin (bass); Sonny Payne, Roy Haynes (drums).
Producer: Creed Taylor.

Sunday 28 December 2008


Shankar - Who's to know (1981)

1: Ragam Tanam Pallavi
2: Ananda Nadamaadum Tillai Sankara.

Shankar (double violin, tamboura)

Umayal Puram K. Sivaraman (mridangam)
Zakir Hussain (tabla)
V. Lakshminarayana (conductor).

Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas - Spirits Known and Unknown (1969)

1.The Creater Has a Master Plan


4.Song for My Father

5.Damn Nam (Ain't Goin' to Vietnam)

6.Malcolm's Gone

7.Let the Rain Fall on Me.

Richard Davis - Bass
Roy Haynes - Drums
Richard Landrum - Percussion
Cecil McBee - Bass
Pharoah Sanders - Sax (Tenor)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Piano
James Spaulding - Flute, Sax (Alto)
Leon Thomas - Flute, Percussion, Vocals.

Saturday 27 December 2008


Sivuca - Live at the Village Gate (1975)

1.Adeus Maria Fulo
3.It Might Have Been
4.Rancho Fundo
5.Ain't No Sunshine
7.Coisa No. 10

Sivuca - Keyboard, guitar, accordion, percussion, vocals

Morris Goldberg - Woodwinds.
Mervin Bronson - Bass
Sadiq Shabazz - Drums
Angel Allende - Percussion
Cindy Kimball - Vocals, percussion.

Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker - South of the Border (1948-52)

Mango Mangue 2:54
Okiedoke 3:02
No Noise (parts 1 & 2) 5:52
My Little Suede Shoes 3:04
Un Poquito De Tu Amor 2:41
Why Do I Love You? 30:6
Tico-Tico 2:44
Fiesta 2:49
La Cucaracha 2:43
Mama Inez 2:50
Estrellita 2:43
La Paloma 2:39
Begin The Beguine 3:12
Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite 17:14

Charlie Parker (alto saxophone); Benny Harris (trumpet); Walter Bishop, Jr. (piano); Teddy Kotick (bass); Roy Haynes, Max Roach (drums).

Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra includes: Machito (maracas); Chico O'Farrill (conductor); Gene Johnson, Fred Skerritt (alto saxophone); Jose Madera, Flip Phillips, Sol Rabinowitz (tenor saxophone); Leslie Johnakins (baritone saxophone); Mario ... Full DescriptionBauza (trumpet, clarinet); Paquito Davilla, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Al Stewart, Bobby Woodlen (trumpet); Rene Hernandez (piano, bass); Roberto Rodriguez (bass); Buddy Rich (drums); Jose Mangual (bongos); Luis Miranda, Chano Pozo (congas); Ubaldo Nieto (timbales).

Recorded in New York between December 20, 1948 and January 23, 1952. Includes liner notes by Henry Martin.

Ralph Towner

Ralph Towner - Batik (1978)

1. Waterwheel
2. Shades Of Sutton Hoo
3. Trellis
4. Batik
5. Green Room

Ralph Towner 12-string and classical guitar, piano

Eddie Gomez bass
Jack DeJohnette drums

Thursday 18 December 2008

Robben Ford

Robben Ford - Talk to Your Daughter (1988)

1.Mama Talk To Your Daughter
2.Wild About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer)
3.Help The Poor
4.Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues
5.Born Under A Bad Sign
6.I Got Over It
9.Can't Let Her Go.

C.Roscoe Beck - Bass, Bass (Electric), Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Vince Denham - Saxophone
Scott Ferguson - Percussion, Producer
Russell Ferrante - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards
Brandon Fields - Saxophone
Mark Ford - Harmonica, Producer
Robben Ford - Guitar, Arranger, Vocals, Producer
Brian Mann - Synthesizer
Bill Payne - Synthesizer
Jeff Porcaro - Drums.

Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento - Travessia (1978)

01. Travessia
02. Tres Pontas
03. Cenca
04. Irmao de Fé
05. Cancao Do Sal
06. Catavento
07. Morro Velho
08. Gira Giro
09. Maria, Minha Fé
10. Outubro.

Saturday 13 December 2008

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Notes From The Underground (1991)

01.Hermeto's Daydream
02.Saint, The
03.La Garonne
05.Uncle Chubb
11.Can't Get What You Want.

Recorded at Baby Monster, New York on December 15 & 16, 1991 and Water Music, Hoboken, New Jersey on January 23, 1992. Originally released on Hap-Jones Records.
Medeski Martin & Wood: John Medeski (piano); ... Full DescriptionBilly Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass).
Medeski, Martin & Wood: John Medeski (piano); Chris Wood (bass instrument); Billy Martin (drums, percussion).
Recording information: Baby Monster Studio, New York City (1991).
Additional personnel: Gloria Tropp (vocals); Thomas Chapin (alto saxophone, alto flute); Steven Bernstein (trumpet); Billy Lowe (trombone, tuba); Curtis Hasselbring (trombone); Doug Yates (bass clarinet).
Additional personnel: Thomas Chapin (alto flute, alto saxophone); Steven Bernstein (trumpet).

Jim Hall

Jim Hall Trio - Jazz Guitar (1957)

01. Stompin' at the Savoy
02. Things Ain't What They Used to Be
03. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [alternate take]
04. Thanks for the Memory
05. Tangerine
06. Stella by Starlight
07. 9:20 Special
08. Deep in a Dream
09. Look for the Silver Lining
10. Seven Come Eleven
11. Too Close for Comfort.

Jim Hall - guitar
Carl Perkins - piano
Red Mitchell - bass.

Thursday 11 December 2008

Return to Forever

Return to Forever - Music Magic (1977)

1. The Musician
2. Hello Again
3. Musicmagic
4. So Long Mickey Mouse
5. Do You Ever
6. The Endless Night.

Gary Brown / drums, Stanley Clarke / bass (electric), piccolo, vocals, Chick Corea / piano, keyboards, vocals, Moog synthesizer, Joe Farrell / flute, piccolo, saxophone (Soprano), saxophone (Tenor), Harold Garrett / horn, trombone (bass), trombone (Tenor), Gayle Moran / piano, organ (Hammond), vocals, Jim Pugh / trombone, John Thomas / trumpet, flugelhorn, James Tinsley / trumpet, piccolo.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Charlie Palmieri

Charlie Palmieri - El Gigante Del Teclado (1972)

01. La Hija De Lola
02. La Llave Y El Candao
03. Sedante De Rhumba
04. Que Se Vaya
05. El Mundo Esta Bien - El Loco Soy Yo
06. Coco
07. El Pan Sobao.

Charlie Palmieri: piano, organ, melodica, percussion; Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros: trumpet; Lou Laurita: trumpet; Bobby Nelson: sax/flute; Bobby Rodriguez: Fender bass; Quique Davis: timbales; Johnny Rodriguez: bongo; Luis Rodriguez: conga; Robby Franquiz: percussion; Vitin Aviles: vocals; Tito Puente: vocal chorus.

Monday 8 December 2008

Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg - A New Day (1986)

1. Summertime

2. Sunrise
3. Take A Walk In The Park With Me
4. Shana
5. Mushy Tushy
6. It's A New Day
7. My Funny Valentine
8. Oriental Ho-Down.

Alex Acuña - Percussion, Drums

Kei Akagi - Keyboards
Greg Armstrong - Sax (Soprano)
Brian Bromberg - Keyboards, Producer, Fretless Bass
Carl Cherry - Drums
Joe Farrell - Flute
Guy Moon - Keyboards
Arthur Statman - Keyboards
Ernie Watts - Sax (Tenor).

Return To Forever

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior (1976)

1. Medieval Overture

2. Sorceress
3. The Romantic Warrior
4. Majestic Dance
5. The Magician
6. Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant (Parts I & II).

Chick Corea, keyboards; Stanley Clarke, bass; Al DiMeola, guitar; Lenny White, drums and percussion

George Duke

George Duke - Thief In The Night (1985)

1.I Surrender
2.Thief In The Night

3.Remembering The Sixties

Supposed To Have Fun

6.Love Mission



9.La La.

Robert Brookins - Vocals (bckgr) Carl Carlwell - Vocals (bckgr) Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion Lynn Davis - Vocals (bckgr) Corine Duke - Sound Effects George Duke - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer Charles Fearing - Guitar Steve Ferrone - Drums Jon Fiore - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr) Chuck Gentry - Guitar Mitch Gibson - Sound Effects Mick Guzouski - Sound Effects Paul Jackson, Jr. - Guitar Louis Johnson - Bass Shirley Jones - Vocals Ricky Lawson - Drums Alice Murrell - Sound Effects, Vocals (bckgr) Petsye Powell - Handclapping John "J.R." Robinson - Tom-Tom Lena Sunday - Vocals (bckgr) Deniece Williams - Vocals (bckgr).

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan with M. Nascimento - Brazilian Romance (1987)

1 Make This City Ours Tonight
2 Romance
3 Love and Passion
4 So Many Stars
5 Photograph
6 Nothing Will Be as It Was (Nada Será Como Antes)
7 It's Simple
8 Obsession
9 Wanting More
10 Your Smile.

Sarah Vaughan - Vocals
Milton Nascimento - Vocals
Dori Caymmi - Guitar, Arranger
Hubert Laws - Flute
Tom Scott - Sax (Tenor), Lyricon
Ernie Watts - Sax (Alto)
George Duke - Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Sergio Mendes - Producer.

Steve Khan

Steve Khan - Public Access (1989)

1. Sisé
2. Blue Zone 41
3. Kamarica
4. Silent Screen
5. Mambosa
6. Butane Elvin
7. Botero People
8. Dedicated to You
9. Mama Chola.

Steve Khan (guitar)

Anthony Jackson (bass)
Dave Weckl (drums)
Manolo Badrena (percussion, vocals).

Saturday 6 December 2008

The Brecker Brothers

The Brecker Brothers - Straphangin' (1981)







RANDY BRECKER- trumpet and flugelhorn

Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento - Milton (1976)

1. Raça (hasa) (race)

2. Fairy tale song (cadê)
3. Francisco
4. Nothing will be as it was (nada será como antes)
5. Cravo e canela (clove and cinnamon)
6. The call (chamada)
7. One coin (tostão)
8. Saídas e bandeiras (exits and flags)
9. Os povos (the people).

Milton Nascimento, nylon string acoustic guitar, vocal, Novelli, bass, Roberto Silva, drums,percussion, Laudir de Oliveira, percussion,
Maria Fatima, vocal, Wayne Shorter, soprano & tenor saxophones, Raul de Souza, trombone, Herbie Hancock, piano, Hugo Fattoruso, piano, organ, Toninho Horta, 12-string & electric guitar, Airto Moreira, drums, percussion.

Friday 5 December 2008

Sun Ra

Sun Ra - The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra (1961)

01. Bassism
02. Of Sounds and Something Else
03. What's That?
04. Where Is Tomorrow?
05. The Beginning
06. China Gates
07. New Day
08. Tapestry from an Asteroid
09. Jet Flight
10. Looking Outward
11. Space Jazz Reverie.

Sun Ra - Piano
Ricky Murray - Vocals
John Gilmore - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor), Bells
Marshall Allen - Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Bells
Pat Patrick - Sax (Baritone), Bells
Bernard McKinney - Trombone, Euphonium, Bells
Ronnie Boykins - Bass, Bells, Double Bass
Willie Jones - Percussion, Drums.

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan - Charisma (1966)

01. Hey Chico
02. Somethin' Cute
03. Rainy Night
04. Sweet Honey Bee
05. The Murphy Man
06. The Double Up.

Lee Morgan (trumpet)
Jackie McLean (alto saxophone)
Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone)
Cedar Walton (piano)
Paul Chambers (bass)
Billy Higgins (drums).

Bill Evans

Bill Evans - New Conversations (1978)

01. Song for Helen
02. Nobody Else But Me
03. Maxine
04. For Nenette
05. I Love My Wife
06. Remembering the Rain
07. After You
08. Reflections in D.

Bill Evans (Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)).

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Clifford Brown & Eric Dolphy

Clifford Brown & Eric Dolphy - Together (1954)


Clifford Brown (Trumpet),Eric Dolphy (Sax (Alto),Harold Land (Sax (Tenor),
George Morrow (Bass),Richie Powell (Piano),Max Roach (Drums).