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Rember Duharte - Cimarron (2009)

12.La Ciudad.

Rember Duharte (piano, teclado y voz)
Germán Velazco (saxo alto y saxo tenor)
Evaristo Denis Baró (saxo barítono)
Giraldo Piloto (drums en 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, y 10)
Anthuan Perugorría (drums en 5, 8, 11 y 12)
Osmar Salazar (bajo)
Robertico García (fliscornio y trompeta)
Dreiser Durruthy (tambores batá)
Yaroldy Abreu (percusión)
Diana Rosa Álvarez (clarinete bajo)
DayméArocena y Pepe Scull (voz en 12).

Duharte Rember was born in Havana in 1976 and despite his youth is yet another new promise of Cuban jazz. Rembert makes its appearance in the music when you decide to start their studies at the Escuela Nacional de Arte taking as an instrument the trumpet. Later he decided to study composition at the Instituto Superior de Arte, a career that leads him to the piano instrument that makes a visit to various Cuban bands ranging from Klimax until Wade, past the iconic Oscar Valdés group: Diak. His talent has taken him to tour several countries participating in the most prestigious festivals of the genre around the world. The most important in France, Sweden, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In 2004 won the composition prize awarded by SGAE in the Plaza Jazz Festival where he was the favorite of great how Chucho Valdés and Michel Legrand. Two years later would be the winner for two consecutive years in 2006 and 2007 JoJazz contest, a competition that brings together young as gender in the island.
The CD "Cimarron" his directorial debut, recorded at a young exponent based their art on the Afro-Cuban sounds with a strong jazz influence in the 80's. Not find a musician caught up in surprising us with a sound that delimit these times. Rather, the sensation of listening to the phonogram is to be facing one of the most mature pianists and composers of the Cuban scene. It is very common in Cuban pianist of our time listening to piano notes uttered more as a percussion instrument in the mix of Cuban popular music genres.
Rember in the hands of the piano takes a more melodic texture while remaining immersed in the complex variations of their compositions. On an Afro-Cuban rhythmic Rember up at home with an incredible wealth of resources that gives each instrument works within the space they deserve, leaving room for individual creativity of each performer without ever losing the signal that was proposed . Despite his musical maturity and the proposal openly influenced by the classic sounds of the 80's and 90's, driving bits and the synthesizer how flags, the CD "Cimarron" never ceases to surprise also for his renewed energy and daring assuming how yours any influence of our time, transporting us to a new trend where the young man not afraid to say you borrowed, but to make him a new dimension bathed our Cuban sounds.
Of note is the presence on this disc undisputed masters of Cuban jazz as Velazco and Giraldo Piloto Germain who make crucial appearances be definitively contribute much to the path chosen by Rember for its first production. All tracks on this CD were composed by Rember, and now is one of the candidates to win the award for best jazz album in the Cubadisco 2010. Just as curious is that there is another album of the pianist recorded live at the Amadeo Roldán Theater, of which I have no information. On arrival at my hands I share, the same way appreciate the gesture if someone had. Without further issue here I leave you with another proposal which I hope will be well pleased.
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