Thursday, 12 November 2009

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games (1983)

01.Three Sheets To The Wind
02.Road Games
03.Water On The Brain-Pt. 2
04.Tokyo Dream
05.Was There?
06.Material Real.

Jeff Berlin: Bass
Jack Bruce: Vocals
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Paul Korda: Backing Vocals
Joe Turano: Backing Vocals
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Paul Williams: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.


  1. Allan Holdsworth fan Eddie Van Halen urged Warner Brothers to put out this project in 1983. Only 6 tracks were completed after which ROAD GAMES was briefly available as a vinyl EP.
    Recorded in 1983. Originally released on Warner Brothers Records. Includes liner notes by Eddie Jobson.
    British electric guitar fusion virtuoso Allan Holdsworth began playing with progressive rock bands Gong and Soft Machine in the '70s, later becoming a sideman with the Tony Williams Lifetime and Bill Bruford. Holdsworth's melodic and precise style draws.