Tuesday, 23 August 2011

David Torn,Mick Karn,Terry Bozzio - Polytown (1994)

01.Honey Sweating (5:45)
02.Palms For Lester (6:43)
03.Open Letter To The Heart Of Diaphora (4:36)
04.Bandaged By Dreams (6:53)
05.Warrior Horsemen Of The Spirit Thundering Over Hills Of Doubt To A Place Of Hope (5:01)
06.Snail Hair Dune (9:31)
07.This Is The Abduction Scene (3:09)
08.Red Sleep (4:27)
09.Res Majuko (3:42)
10.City Of The Dead (3:30).

David Torn / guitars, loops and processing, Hammond B-3, harmonica, fake Koto, tiny piano and voice
Mick Karn / fretless bass, bass clarinet, dida and greek voice
Terry Bozzio / drums, percussion, bodhran, dumbek, throaty french horn imitation and 12 notes on the piano.
 Recorded and mixed by Bruce Calder between June 25 and July 16, 1993 at White Crow Audio, Burlington.

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