Tuesday, 20 October 2009

John Patitucci Trio - Remembrance (2009)

02.Messaien's Gumbo
03.Sonny Side
06.Scenes From An Opera
07.Blues For Freddie
09.Joe Hen
10.Play Ball


  1. Joe Lovano: Tenor Saxophone,Bass Clarinet
    John Patitucci: Double-Bass,Six-String Electric Bass & Piccolo Bass
    Blade: Drums
    Sachi Patitucci: Cello (6)
    Rogerio Boccato: Percussion (5)

    Bassist John Patitucci's tenure with the Concord label has found him working in a variety of contexts, from Latin jazz to string quartets with saxophones, but REMEMBRANCE, his sixth album for the label and his first release as a leader since 2006's Grammy-nominated LINE BY LINE, is possibly his most stripped-down release to date: a straight trio session with saxophonist Joe Lovano and drummer Brian Blade. Blade has been working with Patitucci for several albums now, but Lovano is a relative newcomer to the bassist's discography, having only previously appeared on a few tracks from 2001's COMMUNION. This disc, like others in his catalog, finds Patitucci alternating between acoustic and electric bass, and while both approaches are equally worthwhile, the switching back and forth between funk and swing makes for a slightly disjointed listen. A better idea might have been to divide everything up, putting "Monk/Trane," "Sonny Side," "Scenes from an Opera," "Blues for Freddie," "Safari," "Joe Hen," and "Play Ball" up front and leaving "Messiaen's Gumbo," "Meditations," "Mali," and the short but beautiful title track as a four-song coda. But in any case, there are no bad tracks here--Lovano's soloing is as deft and muscular as always, and Blade's drumming is powerful without sacrificing subtlety--so a little style-hopping can be forgiven.