Saturday, 24 October 2009

Marc Johnson - Right Brain Patrol (1992)

01.They Love Me Fifteen Feet Away
02.Batuki Burundi
03.Netcong on My Mind
04.Right Brain Patrol
05.Heru Nazel
06.Inside Four Walls
10.Log o'
11.Light in Your Eye
12.The Call.

Ben Monder - Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Arto Tuncboyaciyan - Percussion, Voices, Vocals
Marc Johnson - Bass.


  1. Right Brain Patrol features Marc Johnson in a trio setting with guitarist Ben Monder (among his first recordings) and percussionist Arto Tunçboyaciyan. Johnson is a fabulous bass player with a rich tone. Monder's playing contains shades of Bill Frisell's tone and harmonic sensibility. Tunçboyaciyan is a fine percussionist, but listeners will either love or hate the vocalizing he does on a handful of cuts. "Batuki Burundi" is a solo bass vehicle, and Johnson and Tunçboyaciyan basically divide the rest of the composing duties, with Monder contributing one piece and sharing credits on two more. The bass and guitar playing are stellar throughout, even if Monder sounds a bit derivative in this early session ("Netcong on My Mind" and "Whispers" wouldn't sound out of place on a Bill Frisell album). The title cut has Monder and Johnson trading off leads and support in a lively conversation. "Heru Nazel" has some nice arco bass work and great guitar, but also has some of the aforementioned vocals. "After You" has Johnson playing some great lead over a queasy guitar figure. Few of these tunes will really stick in your head, but they are well played and quite beautiful at times. ~ Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide.