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Jorge Varona - Black & White (1987)(2002)

01.Linda Mañana de Enero
02.Vieja Lidia
03.Por Quien Merece Amor
04. Invitación

05.Àrbol de la Vida
06. Melodía Infinita

08. Toda Edad

09.Black and White
10.Despertar Feliz y Alegre

Varona, Jorge (Camagüey 1932-La Havana 1988)

Jorge Varona represent a lineage of musicians camagüeyanos whose origin dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Jorge is part of this dynasty. He was introduced to music through his father, studied at the Music Academy, but also must quickly make a living as a mason. It is beginning to play the trumpet with local jazz Angelito MOLA.
In 1945 he joined the group "ADVANCE JUVENIL" and in 1947 refused the offer of Arsenio Rodriguez, who asked him to be part of his training. Jorge Varona joined the brothers Licea then plays with Vitico GONZÁLES which imposes extremely rigorous.

Located in Holguín in 1952, Jorge joined the "Orquesta Hermanos Avila. Varona remains several years alongside AVILÉS brothers with whom he toured in Venezuela in 1956. Jorge was hired in 1957 by Walfredo de los Reyes Sr. to play in the orchestra of the Parisian Cabaret Hotel Nacional. He remains in training when it comes to be directed by Leonardo TIMOR Jr.. Its qualities make it known by many ensembles with which he plays simultaneously. In 1959, Varona integrates a moment "CONJUNTO CASINO" at the height of his popularity. After playing in the "Sabor de Cuba" from "Bebo" Valdés, he joined the "BANDA GIGANTE" from "Benny" More with whom he remained until the death of "El Barbaro del Ritmo" in 1963. Returning soon TIMOR the orchestra, he recorded with it then passes the "Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna" formed and led by Armando Romeu 1967. Jorge is in training, reduced to a Noneto when it travel in Europe.

Jorge Varona highlights his skills in jazz descargas all of the capital and "Chucho" Valdés invited to join a first form when the "Quinteto CUBAN JAZZ" and then in 1973 when the constitution of the group "Irakere".
As of this date the history of Jorge Varona and that of "Irakere" blend until his disappearance. Some of his duets with the trumpet with Arturo Sandoval-its historical student remain as his solos on "Summertime," "Yesterday" ...
Alongside its performances with the orchestra "Chucho" VARONA animates his own groups, mainly groups soneros. During the seventies and early eighties, Jorge leads the group and "VARONA ITS" and "CONJUNTÓN Varona.
Excellent solo is frequently requested as such by various formations. In 1981 he went to Antilla Festival as guest artist. The same year in Venezuela, he participated in the recording "Estrellas del Areito. In 1984 Jorge plays with the group DULZAIDES Plaza Jazz Festival where he was noted in a special "Body and Soul" ...

His qualities are rewarded in 1986 with an LP "Black & White", in which he surrounds himself with the best Cuban jazz musicians including Gonzalo Rubalcaba, "Chucho" ...
Stricken by a heart attack Jorge Varona disappears at the end of 1988. The Jazz Plaza Festival pays him a tribute next year.

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