Tuesday, 13 September 2011

3rd Coast Jazz Orchestra - Unknown Soldiers (2001)

01.Trane of Thoughts [0:08:20.52]
02.Mother Nature [0:12:32.41]
03.Donna Lee [0:05:22.31]
04.Unknown Soldiers [0:08:35.66]
05.Out on a Limb [0:08:06.74]
06.At This Point in Time [0:07:41.63]
07.Boundaries [0:10:18.10]
08.Chasing after Dreams [0:06:52.24]
09.Newk Meets the President [0:06:09.22]

Greg Wilson, Steven Vague (soprano & alto saxophones, flute)
John Mills, Elias Haslanger (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet)
Paul White (tenor saxophone, flute)
Tony Campise (baritone saxophone)
Paul Baker (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet)
Eric Johnson, Pat Murray, Bob Meyer, Keith Winking, Paul Armstrong, Chip Crotts (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Max Lyon, Randy Zimmerman, Ken Hoyne, Mike Mordecal (trombone)
Steven Snyder (piano, syntesizers)
Russell Scanlon, Mitch Watkins (guitar)
John Fremgen, Kerry Williams (bass)
Mike Koenning (drums, percussion)
Scott Laningham (drums)
Andy Murphy (percussion).

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